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Testing Requirements for Wisconsin Teaching

Please Read Carefully

Wisconsin requires a candidate to take one of the following writing proficiency tests:

• ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) (internet), or
• ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) (booklet).

Wisconsin requires a candidate to take one of the following oral proficiency interview tests:

• ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI); or
• ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview - computer (OPIc) to Superior; or
• ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview - computer (OPIc) to Advanced.

The Academic Testing Office at UW-Eau Claire will be administering the ACTFL World Language exams in French, German and Spanish. Please follow the steps below to register for the exams.

1. Go to the Language Testing International (LTI) website at and read the information provided about the tests.

a. On upper right-hand side of web page, select "Are you a client, test candidate, or proctor? Click here"

b. Under the category "Test Candidates" select "Click here to apply for a test"
c. At the "Test Candidate Site," create a new user account or log in with an existing account.
d. Under the category "ACTFL Test Application," select "Apply for an ACTFL Test."
e. On the "Register for a test" page, select the button "State Teacher Application."
f. Select the "Wisconsin Teachers Only" link
g. After reading information for Wiscsonsin teachers, select "Continue"
h. READ all the information about the testing program. DO NOT sign up for a test yet.

2. Once you have read the material, come to the Academic Testing Office in Schofield 226 and sign up for a tentative date/time to take the exam. (see schedule of offerings).

Note: If you are taking the OPI (not OPIc), you will be given three tentative dates for the interview. Since this test depends on the availability of a tester, you must be available for each of the tentative dates.

3. Once you have obtained a form called "Tentative Date for ACTFL Assessment" from Academic Testing, go back into your LTI account (see step 1) and submit your application and payment online. You must allow at least 10 business days between the date your request is received by ACTFL and the test date you are requesting.

4. Once your application has been processed, you and the testing office will be sent separate emails with your test date, time, and other instructions.

In addition to the fees for the ACTFL exams, the Academic Testing Office charges a proctoring fee of $20 for the WPT and $15 for the OPI/OPIc. This amount, payable by check or cash, will be collected at the time of the test. Please contact Mary Schumacher in the Academic Testing Office (Schofield 226) at 715-836-5522 or if you have any questions about registering for the test.