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Program Requirements

The Department of Languages at UW-Eau Claire offers both a TEFL Minor (24 credits), and a TEFL Certificate (15-18 credits)

Should I get the TEFL Minor or the TEFL Certificate?

The difference is simply that the TEFL Minor with 24 credits is a more thorough preparation for teaching EFL than the 15-18 credit TEFL Certificate.  If you do the minor, you would obtain the certificate along the way (you only need to complete a form).  You can find jobs with the certificate; this would be the minimum that one would want to go teach overseas.  If you need a minor with your major, you may want to do the TEFL Minor.  If you do not, but you have time in your academic schedule to do the TEFL Minor, you may opt for that.  If you do not need a minor, and you do not have much time, then do the TEFL Certificate.