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TEFL Practicum


      - Tips to find a TEFL Practicum site or 
      - TEFL Practicum and Internships list.

Procedures to Enroll in FLG 375: Internship Experience (TEFL Practicum) Course:

REQUIRED 3 months prior
to conducting or enrolling in FLG 375!!


Once you have found a TEFL Practicum site,


Read the TEFL Practicum Internship Checklist

Internship Checklist


Confirm that the country to which you will be travel is not on the United States 
Department of State travel advisory warning list.

*UWEC students conducting a TEFL Practicum internationally must comply with all University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Center for International Education Policy on international travel. UWEC students may not conduct a TEFL Practicum in countries for which the United States Department of State has issued a travel advisory warning.


Obtain information about your Host School and Contact

You will need:

  • Type of organization
  • Name of organization
  • Contact/Host name at organization
  • Website
  • Email
  • Mailing address
  • Phone with country and area codes
  • Fax
  • If you will be at a school, is it accredited in the host country?
    Yes  __ No
  • An invitation letter from you host school/program director. 
  • A copy of the director's resume (in English or the native language).


Complete the TEFL Placement Information Form

TEFL Placement Information Form


Complete the UW-Eau Claire Liability Waiver

UW-Eau Claire Liability Waiver
Sign and scan the Liability Waiver. Save an electronic copy for submission with your TEFL Practicum Application.


Purchase CISI overseas insurance

  • Cost= $35 per month
  • Purchase location: Center for International Education (CIE) office in Schofield Hall.
  • Information you must bring with you to purchase the insurance: your name, birthdate, telephone #, duration of stay abroad, dates of internship, and location/country.
  • Obtain a receipt at that time. Scan it and save an electronic copy for submission with your TEFL Practicum Application.


Complete the UWEC Internship Application

The application can be found at BP Logix forms:
     i.   Directions:
     ii.  Sign in using your UWEC account
     iii. Click on the "Start New Form" tab
     iv. Select "Academic Affairs" from the pull down menu
     v.  Click the "International Internship Form"
     vi. Complete the form with your information as well as information
          for your faculty mentor/advisor and department chairperson. 
     vii. Upload to the form: 
          1. TEFL Placement Information Form
          2. The 
UW-Eau Claire Liability Waiver 
          3. A scan of your CISI overseas insurance ($35.00 per month),
              which can be purchased at the CIE office in Schofield Hall.
          4. An invitation letter from you host school/program director. 
          5. A copy of the director's resume (in English or the native
     viii. The statement, "Note: A roundtrip ticket is expected for the
            internship. If you would like to request other arrangements,
            please explain" does not pertain to you. Please indicate who
            will be purchasing the ticket.
     ix. Please click on the Financial Aid and Career Services spaces
          to notify them of your TEFL Practicum experience.
     x. Submit the form.


Schedule an office appointment with your TEFL Practicum supervisor. 

Print out, read and bring the FLG 375 Syllabus & Observation Forms

During this meeting,
    i.  You will discuss with the TEFL Practicum supervisor what
         activities (teaching, tutoring, etc.) you will engage in for the
         TEFL practicum experience. Your TEFL Practicum supervisor
         will determine if your job description does in fact meet the
         criteria for internship site approval.
    ii. Discuss the TEFL Practicum syllabus and expectations 
   iii.  When visiting your TEFL Practicum advisor to discuss
        questions about the syllabus, deadlines for assignments and
        observation supervisors. 
    iv. Your TEFL Practicum supervisor will give you permission to  
         enroll in FLG 375 Internship Experience 3-6 credits.


Enroll in FLG 375.


Prior to your departure, you must


Read the UWEC Internship Orientation Guide

Internship Orientation Guide


Obtain your passport and verify that you have a minimal of 6 months remaining prior to expiration.

State Department Passport Information


Obtain the travelers health information

Center for Disease Control(CDC)


Obtain the travelers health information and foreign entry requirements/visas 

1) Americans Traveling Abroad 
Foreign Entry Requirements

  1. Conduct the TEFL Practicum experience. 
    Do assigned tasks from the TEFL Practicum Syllabus. 
    Learn a lot and have an enjoyable experience!!
  2. Upon return to the U.S. (within one month), submit your papers or projects for grades
     to your UW—Eau Claire TEFL practicum supervisor.
  3. When you have completed all TEFL Minor/Certificate courses, email or visit your TEFL
    Minor and Certificate Advisor to fill out the Certificate Completion Form, so that the
    TEFL Certificate may be added to your official University transcripts.  This will not
    automatically occur.  It is your responsibility.