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Roma Hoff Scholarship

Scholarship for a student who has studied one semester abroad at the Universidad de Valladolid.

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  Languages Awards Day 2014  Languages Awards Day 2014 

Hilda Belle Oxby Scholarship in Spanish

A scholarship is awarded annually to one or more Spanish or Latin American Studies majors. Each recipient should be a senior, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and have a GPA of 3.5 in Spanish courses. Students who wish to apply should contact the office of the Department of Languages. Selection will be made on the basis of a biographical essay and an interview with members of the Spanish faculty.

The award is named in honor of Hilda Belle Oxby, one of the founding faculty members of Eau Claire State Normal School in 1916. She taught both Spanish and German and was especially well known for her work in International Studies.

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Josette T. Migawa Spanish Scholarship

A scholarship is awarded for a Spanish major with preference given for a student majoring in Spanish Education.  Each recipient should be a junior or senior with acceptance into the Spanish program. 

The award is named in honor of Josette T. Migawa who taught for 20 years at UW-Eau Claire. She was passionate about foreign languages, international travel and was an artist.  She was honored with an award for her efforts helping students adjust to a foreign culture.

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Languages Awards Day 2014


Dagny Midelfort

Each year the outstanding student of Spanish is named a Midelfort Scholar. A book award is given in honor of Dagny Midelfort, a long-time former secretary of the Department of Languages.

 Languages Awards Day 2014  Languages Awards Day 2014


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