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Ojibwe II

This is an archive of our Ojibwe II class, which is currently in progress spring 2014

We have two section of this class, so for some days we offer videos of both.  The afternoon section is recorded most often, but in some cases we have a morning section (marked gigizheb) as well!

Anyone can view our classes from this page. If you need to download classes, our current ones are available, but you will need to email us for instructions on how to download them.  We have kept copies of our fall 2013 Ojibwe II class on this archive, and they can be found at the bottom of this page. However, we will be removing these from the archive soon because the current classes were created with the most up to date Ojibwe language research and are therefore the most accurate.  If you are just beginning to watch our Ojibwe II archive, please start with the current classes.\

Note: some videos start before class does, and you will have to fast forward to start of class.  Sound does not start until class does!


Nitam-anokii-giizhigak Niizho-giizhigak Aabitooseg Niiyo-giizhigak
27Jan:Review-Weather 28Jan:Weather+Clothing 29Jan:Review-Time Not Avail.
3Feb: Review+Colors 4Feb: Colors 5Feb:Colors+ 4th Thing 6Feb: Colors+"the other"
10Feb: Colors+VTAs 11Feb:Colors+"the one that is" 12Feb:Using "the one that is" 13Feb: Using "the one that is"
17Feb: Plural VAIs 18Feb: Plural VAIs 19Feb: Pl. VAIs + Commands 20Feb: Sequencing Events
24 Feb: Food+ Meals 25 Feb. Food + Meals 26: Mishiiminag 27 Feb: Meeting People
3 Mar: Plural People 4 Mar: Plural People 5 Mar: the other/4th person 6 Mar: "ji-"
10 Mar: Review 11 Mar: Review Not Avail. Not Avail.
24 Mar: Iskigamizigeng 25 Mar: Iskigamizigeng 26 Mar: Iskigamizigeng 27 Mar: Iskigamizigeng
31 Mar: And Then 1 Apr: After 2 Apr: After, And Then 3 Apr: Pronunciation Practice
7 Apr: Correcting Iskigamizigeng 8 Apr: Iskigamizigeng

9 Apr: Student Pres.

Gigzheb: Student Pres.

10 Apr: Teaching the Language

Gigzheb Teaching

14 Apr: Teaching the Language

Gigizheb: Teaching the Language

15 Apr: Skyping

Gigizheb: Teaching the Language

16 Apr: Teaching the Language

Gigizheb: Teaching the Language

17 Apr: Teaching the Language

Gigizheb: Teaching the Language

21 Apr: Teaching Pratice

Gigizheb: Grammar Patterns

22 Apr: Finding Grammar Patterns

Gigizheb: Grammar Patterns

Not Avail.

24 Apr: Grammar Patterns

Gigizheb: Grammar Patterns

28 Apr: Practice Teaching+ Some Conversation


29: Practice Teaching

Gigizheb (conversation too)

30 Practice Teaching + Some Conversation

Gigizheb: Conversation and VTA's

1 May: Teaching demonstrations


5 May: Gigizheb: Review VTA's 5 May: Teaching Demonstrations

6 May: Gigizheb: Review VTA's 6 May: Teaching Demonstrations

7 May: Gigizheb: Review Conversations 7May Teaching Demonstration and Review

8 May: Gigizheb: Review Conversations  8 May: Review

These are the materials we are using in this class:

Dictionary: Peoples Ojibwe Dictionary:

Song CD: Gresczyk,Rick. et al.Nagamodaa Ojibwemong Abinoojiinh-nagamonan!: Let's Sing Children Songsin Ojibwe!.Minneapolis: EagleWorks, n.d.CD.(listed in Course Outline as: Nagamodaa

Textbook and CDs: Gresczyk,Rick. And Margaret Sayers.Ojibwe Word Lists: A Few Questions and Lotsof Answers.Minneapolis: EagleWorks, n.d.

These are our Ojibwe II classes from the fall 2013:








no class

no class

4Sept: Praying and Intros

5Sept: Review



9Sept: Colors

10Sept: Colors

11Sept: "The One That Is"

12Sept: Colors and Number Verb Review



16Sept: Time

17Sept: Time

18Sept: Immersion Session

19Sept: S/he and Time



23Sept: Time + plural people

24Sept: Time Review

25Sept: Plural People

Not Avail.



Not Avail.

1Oct: Plural People and conversation

2Oct: Plural People and conversation

3Oct: Birthdays and Conjugation Review


7Oct: Plural People and conversation

Not Avail.

9Oct: Having a Phone Conversation

10Oct: Having a Skype Conversation



14Oct: Review for Midterm

15 Oct: Review for Midterm

Not Avail.

Not Avail.



21 Oct: Food and Drink

22 Oct: Conversations about Eating

23 Oct: Meeting New People

24 Oct: Altering Dialogues to Say More. 


28Oct: Conversations about Eating

29Oct: Practicing Skits

30Oct: Excitig Conjugation Practice

31Oct: Student Presentations



4Nov:Sentence Patterns

5Nov:Sentence Patterns

Nov 6: Immersion Session

Nov 7: Review with Ojibwe I students



11 Nov: Manoominikewin

12 Nov: Manoominikewin

13 Nov:  "and then"

14Nov:  Short Convers. 



18Nov: Complex Sent. 

19Nov: Complex Sent. 

20 Nov VTA's and VTI's:




25Nov: describing events






Not Avail.







4Dec: Student pres.

5Dec: Talking about someone



9Dec: Putting story together

10Dec: Conversations

11Dec: VTA's

12Dec:Final Review





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