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Ojibwe II

This is an archive of our Ojibwe II currently in progress spring 2015

All files from this fall should be downloadable, if you have trouble with this please contact us.

These are the materials we are using in this class:

Dictionary: Peoples Ojibwe Dictionary:

Song CD: Gresczyk,Rick. et al.Nagamodaa Ojibwemong Abinoojiinh-nagamonan!: Let's Sing Children Songsin Ojibwe!.Minneapolis: EagleWorks, n.d.CD.(listed in Course Outline as: Nagamodaa

Textbook: Gresczyk,Rick. And Margaret Sayers. Ambe Ojibwemodaa Endaayang! Minneapolis: EagleWorks, n.d.


No ClassIntros and Asking for HelpReview: IntrosReview: Giin + Niin1
DirectionsAsking for HelpAsking For HelpGiving Directions2
VII's and Colorsnumbers and colorsVII's, VAI's, ColorsColors and Plurals3
VII ConjugationsNot Avail."the one that is" Meeting Other Students4
Seasons + MoonsGinagamomin"in a certain moon""in a certain moon"5
Not Avail.Not Avail.Plural VAI'sPlural VAI's6
"the ones who"Plural People"the ones who"Review7
Frosting CookiesReviewNot Avail.Not Avail.8
Gii-anwebingEzhi-webak agwajiingWeather Conversationsgosha, goda, naa9
Weather ComparisonsIskigamizigewinNot Avail.Iskigamizigewin and...10
Weather Pres.VTI's + IskigamizigewinIskigamizigewinGrammar Day11
Iskigamizigewin: Mixing VerbsLearning to give presentationsGiving a PresentationGiving a Presentation12
Not Avail.Practice Student Pres.Minikwewin, Wiisiniwin"The Other(s)"13
Student PresentationsWiisiniwin and The OtherWiisiniwinWe14
Review: Weather, "More"Review: Discussing Dialogues