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Ojibwe I

BOOZHOO! This is an archive of our Ojibwe I classes currently in progress (Spring 2014).  If you are just starting to learn Ojibwe with us, please start with these classes. They contain the most up to date Ojibwe language research.  If you were already watching our classes, we have kept the links to Ojibwe I 2013 below, so please finish viewing them asap.  Sometimes our stream starts before class does, so you will have to "fast forward" to the start of our class.  Before class starts, there is often no sound available, but the sound will start when the class does.  If you encounter a purple screen, just fast forward and the class will start later on the recording. 

The links appearing on this page are "viewable" only.  We are allowing users to download our current 2014 classes (the most accurate and up to date) but you will need to email us for instructions.

Books and resources we use in this class:

Dictionary: Peoples Ojibwe Dictionary:

Song CD: Gresczyk,Rick. et al.Nagamodaa Ojibwemong Abinoojiinh-nagamonan!: Let's Sing Children Songsin Ojibwe!.Minneapolis: EagleWorks.

Textbook and Audio CDs: Gresczyk,Rick. And Margaret Sayers.Ojibwe Word Lists: A Few Questions and Lotsof Answers.Minneapolis: EagleWorks.


Nitam-anokii-giizhigak Niizho-giizhigak Aabitooseg Niiyo-giizhigak
   22 Jan: Introductions 23 Jan: Introductions
27 Jan: Intros and Praying 28 Jan: Introductions 29 Jan: Intros and Praying Not Avail.
3 Feb: S/he Intros Not Avail. 5 Feb: Numbers 6 Feb: Numbers
10 Feb: Numbers 11 Feb: Time and clocks 12 Feb: Time Not Avail.
17 Feb: Calendar Not Avail. 19 Feb: Introductions Rev 20 Feb: Conjugations
Not Avail. 25 Feb: Planning a Trip 26 Feb: When+S/he 27 Feb: Meeting People
3 March: Feelings 4 March: Feelings 5 March: Feelings Not Avail.
10 March: Midterm review 11 March: Midterm Review Not Avail. Not Avail.
24 March: Weather 25 March: Weather 26 March: Weather 27 March: Weather
31 March: Comparisons 1 Apr: Comparisons 2 Apr: Comparisons 3 Apr: Prac. Pres.
7 Apr: niin, giin, wiin 8 Apr: Student Pres. 9 Apr: Student Pres. 10 Apr: Mini conversations
14 Apr: niin, giin, wiin 15 Apr: Skyping and Weather 16 Apr: niin, giin, wiin 17 Apr: niin, giin, wiin
21 Apr: Indinawemaaganag 22 Apr: Indinawemaaganag Not Avail. 24 Apr: Indinawemaaganag
28 Apr: Indinawemaaganag 29 Apr: C-Form 30 Apr: Awenen wa'aw? 1 May: VAI Review
5 May: student presentations 6 May: Student Presentations 7 May: Review 8 May: Review


Dec9:Review Dec10: Review Dec. 11: Review Dec 12: Review
Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.