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Program Requirements

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Requirements for the Japanese Minor

Minimum 24 credits, including:

CORE  COURSES: 16 credits.  

Japn 101
Beginning Japanese I
4 credits
Japn 102
Beginning Japanese II
4 credits
Japn 201
Intermediate Japanese I
4 credits
Japn 202
Intermediate Japanese II
4 credits

ELECTIVE COURSES: Minimum 8 credits to be chosen from the following list.   A minimum of 6 credits must be at the 300 or 400 level.   

Anth 345
Japanese Culture and Society (new)
3 credits
Econ 353
Economics of Pacific Asia
3 credits
Hist 152
Modern East Asia
3 credits
Hist 389
History of Japan
3 credits
Japn 301
Advanced Japanese Language and Culture (new) 4 credits
Japn 302
Advanced Japanese Language and Culture II (new)
4 credits
Phil 326
Asian Religious Philosophies
3 credits
Rels 312
Buddhism: Past and Present
3 credits
Rels 323
Chinese and Japanese Religions
3 credits

Additional notes:  
Up to 3 credits of Directed Studies or Independent Study for projects focusing on Japan may be applied to the minor with approval from the minor adviser.  

Other Special Topics courses focusing on Japan may be considered as an elective course with consultation and approval of the minor adviser.  

For advising, see Dr.  Tomomi Kakegawa, Department of Languages.

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