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Overview of Japanese

Why should you study Japanese? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Japanese is vastly different from English and other Western languages, which makes it very challenging and interesting to learn.
  • When you learn Japanese, you learn three different writing systems, hiragana, katakana, and kanji, which you can use to write down things you don't want other people to know.
  • There are not many people who know Japanese outside of Japan, so when you learn Japanese, you will feel very special.
  • Japan is among the top three countries with which the US trades, according to the World Almanac 2003. Knowing Japanese could increase your career opportunities.

Even if those reasons are not good enough for you to learn Japanese, learn Japanese at UWEC anyway to find out why people are so fascinated by Japanese language.

We currently offer first through third year Japanese at UWEC and a fourth year level Japanese course may be offered depending on student demand and faculty availability. 

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Michael D  "The Department of Languages is a unique part of the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, with a respectable set of knowledgable staff members who are enthusiastic in sharing a piece of their language of expertise. The Department carries an atmosphere that encourages diverse ways of thought, mutual coexistence and above all else, a love for all things culture."  Michael – Japanese