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John & Hilde Bacharach

Hilde and John Bacharach were long-time faculty members who are now retired. John had a split appointment between Allied Health and Foreign Languages and Hilde taught German. The Bacharach's established the fund back in the '80's in order to honor the two disciplines to which they dedicated their professional lives.

You need to be a German major or minor with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for this award.

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German Awards Day


Goethe-Institut Book Awards

Each year the best student of German at the first, second ,third and fourth year level is awarded a book prize. This award is detemined by the German faculty.

 German Awards Day

Dagny Midelfort

Each year the outstanding student of German is named a Midelfort Scholar. A book award is given in honor of Dagny Midelfort, a long-time former secretary of the Department of Languages.


Hilda Belle Oxby

The award is named in honor of Hilda Belle Oxby, one of the founding faculty members of Eau Claire State Normal School in 1916. She taught both Spanish and German and was especially well known for her work in International Studies.

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Manfred Poitzsch Leadership

The award is named in honor of Manfred Poitzsch, a member of the German faculty from 1964 until his retirement in 1995. He was the German Club faculty advisor, one of the original organizers of the International Folk Fair, and an inspiring teacher of German language and civilization. The recipient must be an active member of the German Club. Award is determined by the German faculty.

German Awards Day

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