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Overview of German

Important Notice for ZDfB Test Takers:

The Department of Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is an official Testing Center for the Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (Certificate of German for Professions). If your institution is interested in sending students to take the exam, or if you as an individual wish to take the exam, please contact Dr. Johannes Strohschänk, as soon as possible ( Before taking the exam, test participants must have applied and been accepted for the exam through the Goethe Institute Chicago (go to

New: German Proficiency Certificate

Students who are not able to major or minor in German are encouraged to add the new German Proficiency Certificate to gain practical language and culture skills that add international competency to majors, minors and other programs across the University.

The GPC requires 13 credits of course work beyond German 201:
Intermediate German II (202), Oral Proficiency (314), German for Professional Communication (315), Intro to Translation (358) and one credit of Independent Study.

Although there is no evidence to support J. G. Becanus' sixteenth - century claim that Adam spoke German in Eden, it is the national language of Germany and Austria and the native language of nearly 70% of the population of Switzerland. In addition, German is spoken in Luxembourg, by 60,000 people in Belgium, and 1, 000,000 in Latin America. German is also the native language of over 6,000,000 residents of the U.S. The U.S. Department of Education has identified German as one of the 169 languages the U.S. Government considers critical in the sense that "knowledge of them would promote important scientific research or security interest of a national or economic kind."

German Flags

An increasing number of jobs require workers who are fluent in a foreign language. The German liberal arts major increases the options of those seeking careers in governmental and international agencies, the travel, communication, and entertainment industries, and international business firms and corporations. A double major or German minor is an excellent choice for students in Communication, Journalism and Business (Finance, Business Administration, Management, Marketing) and Professional Studies (Foundations of Education, Library Science) *Students who study abroad accumulate enough credits in German to declare a minor or even a major in German.

German Flags

German major and minor programs lead to degrees in liberal arts (a business/professions emphasis) and teaching. Students gain listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and an understanding of the culture and history of German speaking countries. Study abroad is strongly encouraged. Study abroad opportunities are available at universities in Graz, Austria; Marburg, Germany, at multiple sites in Hessen through the Hessen-Wisconsin Exchange.

DEPARTMENTAL COURSES FOR NON-MAJORS Germ 101 plus Germ 102 satisfy the foreign language/foreign culture university graduation requirement. See Catalogue for additional ways of satisfying this requirement.

NOTE: Most courses used to satisfy the foreign language/foreign culture requirement also may be applied to the University's General Education requirements.


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