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Ancient Studies Minor

Program Description

The Minor in Ancient Studies (under which rubric falls the study of ancient civilizations in general but particularly, based on current course availability at UWEC, Classical, Biblical, and ancient Near Eastern Studies), touches upon almost every field of human inquiry: language, literature, history, politics, religion, medicine, and science – to note only a few of the broader disciplines.

The Minor in Ancient Studies will be of particular interest to those students majoring in Foreign Languages, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Music and Theatre Arts. In addition to these majors, students who intend to pursue graduate studies in medical fields, law, art, Classics, Biblical Studies, ancient Near Eastern studies, or medieval studies will find a Minor in Ancient Studies to their advantage. In general, the Minor in Ancient Studies will appeal to those interested not only in the evolution of ancient civilizations and their signal impact on subsequent periods but also in an intellectually challenging field.

CREDIT REQUIREMENTS: 24 credits of core and elective coursework, including foreign language competency at the 102 level.

CORE REQUIREMENTS: 8 credits of the 101-102 sequence of Latin (LAT) OR Classical Greek (GRK); either also fulfills the foreign language requirement for the BA degree.

ELECTIVE COURSES: 16 credits to be chosen from the following list, with at least two courses from each category AND a minimum of 9 credits at the 300 or 400 level

Category A

  • Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 169)
  • Art History Survey I (ARTH 111)
  • Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Art (ARTH 315)
  • Precolumbian Art of Mexico and Central America (ARTH 335)  
  • Ancient Philosophy (PHIL 235)   
  • Classical Mythology (FLTR 250)
  • Old Testament (RELS 230)
  • New Testament (RELS 240)
  • Early Christianity (RELS 303)
Category B

  • History Travel Seminar (HIST 280)*
  • Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations (HIST 302)
  • Greek Civilization (HIST 304)
  • Roman Civilization (HIST 306)
  • Ancient Historiography (HIST 308)
  • Classical Political Thought (POLS 309)
  • Readings in Ancient Literature (FLTR 360)

* Destination and format of course, as applicable to this Minor, are subject to approval of the Minor advisor.

Additional Notes

1. All courses listed count for GE credit, except HIST 308 and FLTR 360.
2. Up to 3 credits of Directed Studies or Independent Study for projects focusing on ancient studies may be applied to either category of the Minor, with approval from the Minor advisor                       

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