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Certificate Program in Second Language Proficiency

Proficiency in a second language is becoming increasingly important on the job market in today's global world. For proof that you can read, write, listen, and speak a second language at a functional level, add a certificate to your résumé and stand out from the crowd!

Languages: French and/or German
No previous knowledge necessary: start in 101 !
Requirements: 13 credits beyond the 201 level
Completion time: typically three semesters after 202

Required courses beyond 201
(for an individualized plan, consult a French or German adviser)

    • FREN 202 (Intermediate French II)
    • FREN 315 (Advanced Grammar in Context)
    • FREN 325 (Phonetics and Pronunciation)
    • FREN 335 (Written and Oral Expression) or
    • FREN 340 (Professional Communication).  


    • GERM 202 (Intermediate German II)
    • GERM 314 (Oral Proficiency)
    • GERM 315 (German for Professions)
    • GERM 358 (Introduction to Translation)
    • and 1 credit of Independent Study in field of interest.  


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Dr. Jessica Miller (French)
Dr. Martina Lindseth (German)