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Seth "Learning a language is a life-long challenge.It builds confidence and opens your world to more possibilities.While helping me discover my passion for languages, the professors at UWEC have shown me that there's always room for growth and improvement. They're great facilitators, who all share a passion for languages." Seth  - German

Youa "There are so many different languages you can choose from and the faculty and staff here really focuses on your learning. They give you opportunities to use what you have learned and they value the idea of learning languages. They do not judge you and they are welcoming to all those who are interested so do not be afraid to put yourself out there and pursue what you love to do." Youa –Chinese

Cheryl "I think that the Department of Languages is an open door to new and many different experiences that can't be offered elsewhere. All the professors in the Department are dedicated to their work and always strive to help their students, in all the languages. Some of my best experiences on campus are due to the Department of Languages, through all the opportunities they have given me. I would highly recommend to the student that if they wanted to challenge and expand their horizons globally, this would be the place to go." Cheryl  –Japanese

Emily "The Department of Languages is great.As a student of both Spanish and French I've gotten to know quite a bit of the professors in this department.They are all incredibly nice and helpful.They want you to succeed and they are all welcoming and willing to answer any questions you have."  Emily – French &Spanish

Augustus "The studying of a second language has led to opportunities that have allowed me to immeasurably enrich my world perspectives and personality." Augustus - German

Kelly S "The Department of Languages here at UWEC is a very strong area for growth and development. The professors are very passionate individuals and want the students to not only improve their language skills, but also learn about and appreciate diversity" Kelly  – Spanish

Michael D "The Department of Foreign Languages is a unique part of the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, with a respectable set of knowledgable staff members who are enthusiastic in sharing a piece of their language of expertise. The Department carries an atmosphere that encourages diverse ways of thought, mutual coexistence and above all else, a love for all things culture."  Michael – Japanese

Laura "The foreign language department is a great department at UW Eau Claire. The professors understand that foreign language is a hard subject to conquer, so they use helpful tools to help you grasp the material. They are also passionate about what they teach and have a love for their language." Laura – German  

Jim R "The foreign language department at UWEC provides students with unique opportunities to work with native speaker professors, conduct research, study abroad, and be prepared for life after college."   Jim – Russian & Spanish  

Ashley "The Department of Foreign Languages is full of diversity. There are professors from many different countries and they all bring their experiences to the classroom. They all have a passion for the languages that they teach and the cultures that speak those languages. There are many opportunities to improve language skills through the Department of Foreign Languages."  Ashley – Spanish  

Jessica L "The Department of Foreign Languages offers advice, guidance, knowledge and help to those who ask. Don't hesitate to pursue a language because of misplaced fear, lack of confidence or doubt. The Department of Foreign Languages can help you figure out your future and can take you places you never thought you could go. "  Jessica - Spanish 

Taylor "The department of Foreign language is a diverse group of people led by a an intelligent, passionate and cultured staff. It's a department that offers many exciting opportunities for its students and guides them through their education." Taylor – French  

Christine "Advanced courses in any language allow you to expand your cultural knowledge of its speakers.  You become a much more global citizen."  Christine – Spanish 

Aryn "Do it!! Our Department of Foreign Languages is EXCELLENT. I've had a LOT of exposure to it between Spanish, German, and TEFL,and I can wholeheartedly tell you that the professors and classes are superb. PLUS, UWEC has an AWESOME study abroad program, which is actually one of the reasons I chose to come here."  " Aryn – Spanish

Alex "I was able to choose a language that I felt pertained to my interest of history and the arts—Latin. Although I was still apprehensive after choosing the course, it ended up being my favorite class! Seeing how much I enjoyed learning something new like Latin gave me a broader perspective of what I can potentially achieve."  Alex - Classics

Beth Baier Beth Baier '79 credited her ability to succeed in international business to a global sensitivity developed through two aspects of her UW-Eau Claire education: her dual degree in Spanish and an immersion program in Mexico in the summer of 1978.