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Political Events


The use of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire facilities by a candidate for a political event is governed by UWS 21.04 of the administrative code. Under this section, the use of University facilities by any person or organization not associated with a UW institution is permitted only under these circumstances:

  • The person or organization is sponsored or invited by an entity associated with the institution
  • The event does not detract from the mission of the institution and or interfere with the use of the UW facilities by campus group
  • The campaigning person or organization covers the cost of using the facility


Because the event will be sponsored by a student organization, facilities utilization fees will be waived. Beyond that waived charge, potential charges include setup, tear-down, staging, audio, lighting and other support. Depending on the level of student control over the event, additional charges may be assessed for which prepayment may be necessary.

Any postings on campus must comply with the Promotional Materials policy. Unauthorized solicitation (i.e., table tents, signs, chalking) is not permitted on campus. Cost for removal of unauthorized postings will be billed to the campaigning organization by the Event Services office.


The entity sponsoring the event will be expected to make arrangements for the appearance; reservations will only be accepted from the organization president or advisor. When an inviting entity or sponsor wishes to host a candidate or organization it should contact the Assistant Director for Event Services or Conference Coordinator and provide as much information as possible about the requirements of the planned appearance. This information includes the following:

  • Candidate and organization name
  • Date and time of proposed appearance
  • Estimated attendance
  • Preferred venue — Facilities will be assigned as available, and if no facility is available the request may be denied
  • Parking requirements
  • Security requirements — University Police will be present as determined by the University
  • Setup requirements — Elevated platform (strongly recommended if there is no stage and the audience is standing), podium, flags, lighting, audio (specific microphone requirement), number of chairs, directional signs, room decorations, banners, contact tables
  • Media arrangements — Camera platform, mult box, filing room, telephones, Internet, copy services
  • Green rooms for candidates
  • Food and beverage service for candidates — All service must be provided by Blugold Dining
  • Responsible person/address/phone for billing — Prior or same-day payment by credit card is required
  • Key contact names for local organization, party office spokesperson, and campaign lead persons (advance team)
  • Cell phone numbers and email addresses campaign lead persons (advance team)
  • Responsible person must be present and be primary contact person at the event



Karen Stuber
Assistant Director for Event Services

Charles Farrell
Director of University Centers

Jason Jon Anderson
Event Production Coordinator

Christine Henricks
Conference Coordinator

Mike Rindo
Executive Director of University Communications

David Sprick
Director of University Police

Rebecca Shannon
Coordinator of Parking and Transportation Services