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Cosponsored Programs

Recognized student organizations and campus departments may enter into cosponsorship agreements with non-university entities or companies. Groups or departments must complete a cosponsorship contract through Event Services.


If admission will be charged or donations accepted, a contractual agreement must be drawn up with the Event Services office at least 15 working days prior to the event.


  1. Advisor must sign a co-promotional or professional services contract/agreement after consultation with the Director of University Centers or designee. Organizations must have a written contract agreement with the outside agency and a contract between the promoter and the artist. All contracts and riders will be reviewed for UW-Eau Claire compliance.

  2. Depending on the nature of the show, adequate show security and crowd management staff will be hired to the satisfaction of the Director of University Centers or designee and the Loss, Prevention and Safety office.

  3. An advisor or his/her designee must be present during the entire event (to include     
    setup and teardown of facility). In special circumstances, additional University Centers staff may be assigned to the event/program and costs may be assessed.

  4. All load-in and strike must be done by trained university personnel in the time and space allotted. The Artist/Act(s) technical rider must be received by the Event Services office, to ensure feasibility of show, before contractual agreements are entered into.

  5. Certificate of Insurance must meet limits established by the university and be presented to Event Services, at least two weeks prior to event.

  6. All organizations must use university support personnel and services (i.e. ushers, ticket handling, house management staff, etc.).

  7. Organizations must agree contractually to pay sales tax on merchandise. The university will receive 10% of merchandise sales monies (net after taxes). 

  8. In addition to the rental fees, stagecrew charges, special electrical hookups, security, etc., the organization will also absorb all house management labor charges per co-promotional agreement.

  9. Blugold Dining has exclusive rights regarding food and beverage needs.

  10. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for sales tax on all taxable revenues.