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Finding the Right Space

Outdoor Event Spaces

Outdoor event spaces for the 2012–2013 academic year will be available behind Katharine Thomas and Putnam Halls, on the grassy area adjacent to The Sprites sculpture, and on the north sidewalk in front of Zorn Arena.

Reservations to use outdoor event spaces will only be accepted from University departments, student groups or organizations. All reservations must be made through the Event Services office and must comply with existing scheduling policies. Event Services will consult with Housing and Residence Life on the availability of the area behind Katharine Thomas and Putnam Halls. Events behind Katharine Thomas and Putnam Halls are limited to the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Use of these spaces will depend on weather and ground conditions, the determination of which shall be made by Event Services. 

Equipment reservations must be made with the Event Production Coordinator, and will only be reserved for the area on the north sidewalk in front of Zorn Arena April 15–October 15, weather permitting. These spaces can be reserved at other times of the year, but the University will not provide equipment after October 15 or before April 15.

Equipment reservations will be limited to two reservations on the north sidewalk in front of Zorn Arena at any time, with a maximum of two six-foot tables and four chairs per reservation. Event Production Crew staff will set up and remove all requested equipment. Power tie-ins will not be available for any of the outdoor event locations. In special cases, a request for the Davies Center tent will be reviewed and granted on an individual basis.

Tables, chairs, sound and other equipment will not be available for reservation for the Putnam/Katharine Thomas lawn or The Sprites area.

Sales of food and beverages by organizations are allowed, but raw product must be purchased through Blugold Dining.

All requests and/or changes to requests must be made at least two days prior to the planned event.

Entertainment or promotional displays shall not deface the grounds and must comply with the campus Promotional Materials policy.