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Bob Nowlan's Research Projects

  • Research into, and preparation of a book-length critical bibliography, on progressive music of resistance, rebellion, and revolt.

  • Research into, and preparation of a feature-length, artistically and politically avant-garde, film screenplay, focused on fascism and resistance in contemporary America, together with UWEC undergraduate English and Theater major James Boland.

  • Research in gay-focus mystery and detective fiction (especially ‘noir' serials), with an emphasis upon a comparative study of  the problematics of gay representation in novels and short stories produced from within the U.S. versus those produced from within the U.K.    

  • Research in the art and politics of representation of love between men in feature-length narrative fiction films directly focusing on male homoerotic/male homosexual relationships, produced between 1996 and the present (after the heyday of 'the new queer cinema' and the emergence of a substantial niche video market distribution channel—i.e., an extensive, even prolific, and continuously expanding array of non-pornographic tales of romantic love between men made for primarily gay and gay-friendly audiences), with an emphasis upon a comparative study of representations produced from within different national cultures across the globe.

  • Research in gay and queer conceptions of intersections between spirituality and sexuality, including especially in the forms of liberation theology and pagan (particularly pre- and post- Christian Celtic pagan) varieties, with an emphasis upon their potential resonances for GLBT/Queer pedagogical theory and practice broadly conceived (as well as in both ‘emancipatory’ and ‘post-emancipatory’ form).