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Undergraduate Program

Students at UW-Eau Claire pursue an English major by choosing among several emphases. Current choices include five standard majors (which must be taken in conjunction with a minor): creative writing, linguistics, literature, scientific and technical writing, and teaching. The teaching emphasis may also be taken as a comprehensive major (to which students do not need to add a minor field). Each emphasis offers students both a framework or core courses and focused concentrations of courses.

For all students who elect an English major, study begins with a core of eleven credits: English 210, 221, and 284. English 210, Introduction to Texts, provides students with an understanding of textuality and how texts function within historicized cultural contexts. English 221, The English Language, introduces students to the formal study of language, including grammar, history of the Enlgish language, and language acquistition, thereby providing students with a strong basis for their work in the discipline. English 284, Introduction to Theory and Criticism, provides a broadly conceived understanding of theory and criticism, and introduces students to the practice of self-reflectively theorizing and critiquing within the field of English. The major is designed to give students a common core as well as some depth of study in an emphasis. In addition to sharing information and ideas, English courses bring students together in a community with both shared and diverse learning goals.

To declare a major/minor in English, please contact Jan Stirm, Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Students can supplement their classroom experience while promoting the English Language Arts by serving as tutors in the English Writing Center, as mentors in First Year Experiences sections of courses, as writing interns at area businesses, and as members of Sigma Tau Delta (the English Honor Society), NOTA (the UW-Eau Claire creative arts organization), or the English Festival student organization.

Each spring the department sponsors a student-organized festival to promote and celebrate the English Language Arts. In their final or next-to-final semester, students finish their major with a "Capstone" experience in which they complete a major independent project, submit their English Portfolio for evaluation, and participate in an Exit Interview.

The English Department also offers four minors and many courses that meet University General Education requirements.


Undergraduate Program Mission

The faculty have designed the English programs to reflect departmental priorities and to provide a good place to learn and grow for both students and faculty. Looking for connections, they seek to integrate language/linguistics, literature, composition, and teacher preparation courses. The faculty seek to cultivate close, fully-integrated communities of learners who nurture and respect honest differences of all kinds. The faculty continually work to improve connections with other areas of the university and with the world outside the campus.