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How to Apply

Monday, March 16, 5pm-English Department Internship in Writing Applications Due: If you want to do an Internship in Writing in Fall 2015, you must submit a completed application to Dr. Stephanie Turner's mailbox in the English Department Office (Centennial Hall 4102).



Fall and Spring Internships


Step 1:  Attend the internship information meeting (usually held during the seventh week of each semester) OR click here to read through the current information booklet.

Step 2:  Read through the booklet and note internship opportunities that interest you.  If you do not see an internship described that you would like to participate in, you can still create your own internship by contacting organizations/agencies you wish to work with and creating your own “custom” internship.  Please contact the Writing Internship Director ( for further information and guidelines about this option.

Step 3: Prepare your application materials as directed by the instructions included in the internship information booklet and submit them by the stated deadline. For sample cover letters, click here.

Summer Internships

Contact Deb Keys (, Internship Coordinator at the UWEC Arts and Sciences Career Services Office. She will help you locate, apply for, and receive credit for a summer internship.

Receiving Credit (Engl 498)

When you have been offered and accepted an internship, please contact Dr. Stephanie Turner at; she will set up CampS to enable you to register for 3 credits of Engl 498.

Remember: Interns do meet as a class periodically throughout the semester, so do plan to attend class the first week to get the syllabus and learn about your assignments.