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Alyssa Geary

Clear Vision Eau Claire Sustainability Task Force Intern, Sp '12

"My internship has been a terrific learning experience.I find that by learning new ways to write, that I am continuing in the evolution of my reading and writing skills. The internship has helped me to re-evaluate my writing, since my applications have been revised or sent back with suggestions for improvement. This has been helpful, as I am learning how to write in a concise and more effective manner. I am also proud to be helping in the efforts to secure funding for the pollinator habitat project, which will help educate members of the community on the crisis that pollinators face."


Thomas Marx

Beaver Creek Citizen Science Center Intern, Sp '12

"My internship has made me become a more productive worker. I really enjoy having the opportunity to learn new programs in the adobe suite. I also like the subject matter I have been working with. Also, my internship has forced me to be more accountable and more productive with my time. I feel like I have a big kid job."


Natalie Pannemann

Royal Credit Union Intern, Sp '12

"So far, my internship has been very productive for both me and RCU. It has taught me how to work better independently, and how to produce effective professional how-to documents, not to mention how much I have learned about finance in the past few months! For RCU, I like to think that I'm a big help in both creating documents and revising outdated procedures. Every day is productive, because I'm constantly learning and taking in as much information as I can about technical writing."

Andy M. Seifert

UWEC BITS intern, Sp’10

My English 498 Internship in Writing with Building Information Technology Skills (BITS) has been a great experience.  I have learned much more than I expected by working within a technical field.  The wisdom that I can take away from the experience includes knowledge of computer software, professionalism, and the ability to translate.sThe first day of the internship, I learned more than I could remember.  My supervisor filled me in on many names, software supported by BITS, pathways to network drives, helpful online resources, and ideas for future tasks.  Since that first day, I have slowly soaked and absorbed the technical information around me.  I feel much more confident approaching new software now that I my technical vocabulary and understanding has increased.Professionalism is difficult to learn about in the classroom; it’s something that you need to go out and learn by experiencing the real world.  By having set office hours and daily tasks, I learned to take part in the work atmosphere in a professional manner.  I learned how to address my supervisor and ask important questions that helped me get jobs done. One of the tasks of my internship was to translate technical documents for general and specified audiences.  This becomes an incredibly important skill in professional writing careers.  You need to first think of the audience members and how they’re going to react before trying to persuade or inform them of anything.  For example, one of my first tasks was to write a BITS report document to administrative staff.  I worked with a coworker to provide text and graphs that explained the ways in which BITS was utilized in the 2009 fall semester.  We had to consider the professional audience to shape the tone and style of our communication.English 498 Internship in Writing has molded me into a better candidate for a professional job.  I would recommend the internship experience for any English major or minor as well as any college student.       

Matt Ledger

Volume One interns, Sp’10

The internship experience has allowed me to see what writing in the real world is like. I've gotten to work with and learn from people who actually exist day to day in the field I hope to be in a year from now. My work at Volume One has helped me learn some of the inner workings of a news organization, including information tracking, interviewing, editing and deadline management. My confidence in my writing has improved as has my writing itself. I would recommend the internship experience to any English major. It's a chance to actually publish work, which you have to do, and see what actually happens in the profession we've chosen to work in.

Eric Pugh

Royal Credit Union intern, Sp’10

Every English major at UWEC and campuses across the country must repeatedly answer the same question: what are you going to do with an English degree when you graduate?  I used to have a standard answer to this question, and it was an answer that left me both upset and unfulfilled.  I’d just say that I don’t know and that I’ll figure it out when the time comes.Fortunately for me and my fellow classmates, we have the opportunity to participate in an invaluable writing internship.  These internships give students real-world experience in actual jobs that people can get with English degrees.  After completing two writing internships, and learning about several other internships that students have had, I can now answer that infamous question with actual answers.  What can I do with an English degree?  I can work as a technical writer at almost any company, including credit unions, insurance companies, banks, etc.  I can work in fundraising and development for a nonprofit organization.  I can write user manuals for new computer programs.  I can work in public relations.  The list goes on and on.On top of being able to answer this question, taking part in a writing internship prepares students for the actual working world, and it will set them apart when interviewing for jobs.  You can talk about taking this literature course and that editing course, but every English major can do that.  I will be able to discuss how grant applications that I wrote raised money for a nonprofit organization, and how I wrote training and reference manuals that employees use every day.  .It's frustrating applying for jobs when they all require at least one year of experience.  You can get that required experience while still in school.  A writing internship is something that students should not pass up or put off, because they will assuredly regret it when they sit down for their first job interview and have nothing to mention that sets them apart.

Hanna Kaiser

Western Dairyland intern, Sp’10

Participating in a technical writing internship has not only been beneficial to my resume, but has also enhanced my writing and work-related social skills.  Participating in the internship is also allowing me to ease into the "real world".  Being in the professional work atmosphere is far different than the "guided" atmosphere of college courses, and an internship is definitely a step I would suggest to anyone before the leap into the work force.At Western Dairyland, I often work with local business owners to publish success stories about their business.  These meeting can sometimes be very difficult because the business owner will often add or change things in their story.  These additions and changes often introduce errors to the text.  As the technical writer, it is my job to ensure there is an error-free story. I have found it is very helpful to be prepared when going into a meeting with a business owner.  Being prepared is part of being professional and participating in the internship has allowed me to work on that professional part.

Kristin Frosch

Eau Claire Municipal Band Intern, Sp’10

The value of a professional writing internship is immeasurable. It is an incredible feeling to be able to apply your interests and skills in writing to a company in need of assistance. As a grant writing intern, I work for a non-profit organization in need of substantial aid. The gratification I have received has increased my confidence level substantially and has given me the motivation to search for future internships. Although I never envisioned myself writing and researching grant applications, it has been a rewarding experience and evidence that an English literature major can successfully work as a technical writing intern. I hope to gain an internship in a more creative area in the future, but the grant writing I have completed has added a valuable line to my resume and confidence that will drive me forward.