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"Discourse of Trauma from Women of the Black Panther Party", Lindsey Bush, 2012

"In Short: Stories of the Self", Susan Santee-Buenger, 2012

"Beyond the Binary: Azar Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran as a Product of 'Hybridity'", Abigale Vercauteren, 2012

"Chainmail, Ray Guns, and Deadly Kisses: Feminist Discourses in C.L. Moore's Weird Tales"Jonathan Helland, 2012

"Like a Girl: A Gay Man's Theoretical Exploration of Identity", Christopher Jorgenson, 2012

"Frankie-Colored Glasses: Using 'The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks", Jamie Erickson, 2012

"Dawn Powell's Heroines: Identity Construction and Performance in 'Turn, Magic Wheel' and 'A Time to Be Born'", Claire Gerber, 2012

"The Dance Floor Stretching Between the Proper and Improper: Transatlantic Gothic that Challenges the Dance Binary of the Late 18th to Mid 19th Centuries", Sabrina Gilchrist, October 2010

"Beyond the Metaphor: Ethically Teaching Literary Depictions of Sexual Assault in a Rape Culture", Lisa Cooper-Murphy, October 2010

"The For-Itself Behind Reader Response", Kenton Helms, June 2010

"Queering the Curriculum: Using Sexuality to Promote Inclusivity", David C. Gardner, May 2010

"Women's Marginality and Edward Said's Perception of Exile", Masooma Naqvi, May 2010

"Intertextuality in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea", Erin Polnaszek, January 2008


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