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Stacy Thompson

thompsonStacy Thompson joined the English Department in 2002.  He earned his B.A from the University of Michigan in 1988 and then worked for a corporate publishing house in Boston and in New York City from 1988-1991.  In 1991, he left publishing and worked in a small bookstore in Michigan from 1992-1993.  He started graduate school in 1993 and earned an M.A. from Northeastern University in 1995 and a Ph.D. from Purdue University in 2000.  He has taught in universities since 1993.

Stacy's teaching interests include:

    * Marxism
    * Psychoanalysis
    * Film Studies
    * Utopian Studies
Stacy's scholarly work includes the following publications:

"The Micro-ethics of Everyday Life: Ethics, Ideology and Anti-consumerism." Cultural Studies, 26.4 (2012). (article)

"Ethics Not Happiness: A House is Not a Holmes." Symploke, 19.1-2 (2012): 269-287. (article)

The Dude and the New Left in The Year’s Work in Lebowski Studies, Eds. Edward Comentale and Aaron Jaffe.  Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2009. (essay/book chapter)

Consumer Ethics in Thank You for SmokingFilm-Philosophy, 13.1 (2009): 53-67. (article)

“The Business of Death: Death and Utopia on TV.”  Utopian Studies, 17.2 (December 2006): 491-514.  (article)

Tentative Utopias,” Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society, 10.3 (December 2005): 269-285. (article)

“Punk Cinema” in Post-Punk Cinema, Ed. Nicholas Rombes, Edinburgh: U of Edinburgh Press, 2005. (book chapter)

“Crass Commodities,” Popular Music and Society, 27.3 (2004): 307-322. (article)

Punk Productions: Unfinished Business.  Albany: SUNY Press, 2004. (book)

Punk Cinema,” Cinema Journal, 43. 2 (Winter 2004): 47-66. (article)

“Organizing the Cynics,” the minnesota review, 55-57 (Fall 2003): 295-302. (article)

“Punk’s Not Dead,” the minnesota review, 52-53 (Spring 2001): 299-307. (review essay)

“Market Failure: Punk Economics, Early and Late,” College Literature (Spring 2001): 48-64. (article)

“The South,” Alaska Quarterly Review (Spring and Summer 1991): 35-39. (short story)