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Marty Wood

Marty Wood joined the Department in 1986, and served as its chair from 1998-2007. His service in this position was a source of great pleasure to him, since no chair anywhere is lucky enough to work for a better department or a more dedicated group of colleagues. Today, in addition to service as Chair of the University Senate, he teaches a variety of literature courses, especially in the areas of eighteenth-century British studies, Shakespeare, and different genres of popular literature. He is a native of Michigan, and except for a brief and eventful period in Colorado, has spent most of his time in the upper Midwest. The early years of his education in English were traditionally literary, concentrating on British studies, but post-structuralist challenges to traditional approaches appear to have left their mark. To make matters worse, he became increasingly interested in the serious study of rhetorical and aesthetic forms that, back in the day, did not receive much academic study. For example, his favorite genres for recreational reading, both in books and on film, were science fiction and horror, areas that he now visits professionally both in the classroom and in his gestures toward research. Indeed he feels very lucky that his cognitive, professional, and geographic location is right here, right now. Like the whole University, this English Department is moving into an unknowable future with a healthy blend of enthusiasm, conflict, tolerance, and skepticism; and he wants to share this trip with his colleagues. And, as much as anything, he is delighted to live in a place with enough winter to keep him patient, enough spring to give him hope, enough summer to let him fish, and enough autumn to make him weep.