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Frederick Poss

Frederick Poss, an adolescent known widely for a wild escapade in Tomah, Wisconsin, where his associates and he opened so many fire hydrants the city's water tower went dry, and he has since reformed his act. A public high school English teacher of thirty-three years, and a graduate professor of education at UW-LaCrosse and UW-River Falls for twelve years, Poss has focused on helping people learn how to write persuasively. Along the years, Poss earned an M.A. in English and Education at UW-Madison and an M.S.T. in Reading at UW-Eau Claire. He directed the Study Skills Center at the Chippewa Valley Technical College for several summers before teaching an entire M.E. in Professional Development graduate degree program to more than 400 teachers in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Poss is the only teacher in the state of Wisconsin to be selected as The Creative Writing Teacher of the Year three times in his career.

When not in the classroom, Poss tries to fill the archetypal role of the Ancient Fisherman.  That is to say, he is not dead--he just smells that way.