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Bob Nowlan

nowlanBob Nowlan began teaching at the university level in the spring of 1985 and then at UWEC as a tenure-track assistant professor in the fall of 1997. Bob earned tenure and promotion to the rank of associate professor at the end of the spring 2003 semester. Bob's principal areas of intellectual interest include the following:



  1. Critical Theory.
  2. Popular Music Studies.
  3. Scottish and Irish Studies.
  4. Gay/Queer Studies.
  5. Studies in Film, Video, and Moving-Image Culture.
  6. Mystery and Detective Fiction.

Bob received his B.A. in 1983 from Wesleyan University and his M.A. in 1985 and his Ph.D. in 1993 from Syracuse University. Bob enjoys reading, travel, film, music, sports, and spending time with his partner, Andy Swanson, and his pets, Casey (a Pug dog) and Brendan (a Siamese cat).