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2012 Presenters

Wisconsin Economics Association
Annual Conference
November 9 & 10, 2013
Stevens Point, WI

2012 is the fifth year that the WEA has posted the presentation/paper for each conference participant on our website.

We will do this every year in an effort to maintain an archive of the annual conference proceedings over time.

We hope to use this as a stepping stone to a WEA on-line journal of some type in the future.

Please click on the following links to access the presentation/paper for any 2012 WEA conference participant. 

Friday, November 9

Session 1 – Healthy Eating
A. The Effects of Health Related Messages and Information, Reminders,
Praise, and Incentives on the Food Choice Behavior of Youth Participating in an
Afterschool Program

Tiffany Christner, Stephen Fisher, Lainee Hoffman, Kevin Reinhold, and Laurelyn Wieseman: UW-Eau Claire, students

B. Results from a University Healthy Eating Assessment
Amanda Mortensen, UW-Eau Claire, student

C. White Milk or Chocolate? A Field Experiment on the Impact of Prompts and Incentives 
on Student Lunchroom Choices
Anya Samak (Savikhin): UW-Madison, faculty 

Session 2 - Keynote Address: Wisconsin's Economy
WI Economy
Dennis K. Winters, Chief Economist, WI Dept. of Workforce Development
John B. Koskinen, Chief Economist and Div. Administrator, Div. of Research and Policy Analysis, WI Department of Revenue

Session 3: Luncheon: Agriculture Impact WI
Impact of Agriculture on 9th Federal Reserve Bank District
Joseph Mahon, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Session 4 – State of Working WI
The State of Working Wisconsin, 2012
Joel Rogers, Director Center of Wisconsin Strategy (COWS), UW-Madison

Session 5 - Environmental Economics
A. Global Warming Project: A Survey of Middle School and High School
Students in Western Wisconsin

Mahmoud Ahmed, Drew Christensen, Elora Leene, Wesley Meives, Daniel Putman: UW-Eau Claire, students

B. CO2 Emissions and Economic Development: A Cross-Country Analysis
Binta Sidibe and Amarachi Okorigbo, UW-Superior, students

Session 6 - International
A. Estimating New Keynesian Phillips Curve for the U.K.: Evidence from
Inflation-Indexed Bond

Hardik A. Marfatia, UW-Milwaukee, faculty

B. Applied Economic Policy Design in a Developing Nation
Thomas A. Kemp, UW-Eau Claire, faculty

C. A Comparison of Euro-Crisis and Asian-Crisis
Peter Mayer, UW-Oshkosh, Visiting Professor from Germany

D. Modeling Monetary Policy Shock in a Post-financial Crisis World
John Keating: U of Kansas; Logan Kelly: UW-River Falls; Vic Valcarcel: Texas Tech University, faculty

Session 7 – Monetary
A. Interest on Reserves: A Refiew of the Federal Reserve's New Monetary Policy Tool

Zamira Simkins, UW-Superior, faculty

B. A Fourth Tool of Monetary Policy: Interest Paid on Excess Reserves
Shawn Osell, UW-Superior, faculty

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Session 8
Population Logistics: The Predictive Power of Wealth
Thomas Martin, Devin Christensen, Aaron Konichek, Brian Beadle, Lovro Kuspilic, Kane Wong, UW-Stevens Point, students

Session 9 - Health Economics
A. Tools for Teaching Health Care Economics: An Economic Model, Betsy
and Gary, a Frontline Documentary and Star Trek
Eric Jamelske, UW-Eau Claire, faculty

B. Does Generic Drug Entry Increase the Brand Name Drug Price?
Musa Ayar, UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, faculty

C. Thomas More Law Ctr. v. Obama
Joanna Frasch, UW-Stevens Point, student

Session 10 - Mixed Topics Faculty
A. A Spatial Analysis of Foreclosures in Dane County
Laura Middlesworth and Ryan Weichelt, UW-Eau Claire, faculty

B. Mapping the WTP Distribution from Individual Level Parameter Estimation
Matthew Winden, UW-Whitewater; Allen Klaiber and Tim Haab: Ohio State University, faculty

C. Crisis & Belief - Popular Ideology after Recession
Petrik Runst, UW-Eau Claire, faculty

Luncheon Session 10 - Education Management
Educational Management in Europe and Relationships to U.S. Higher Education in
Peter Mayer, UW-Oshkosh, Visiting Professor from Germany

Session 11 - Mixed Topics Students
A. The Valuation of Sears
Calvin Wing, UW-Superior, student

B. The Future of the Manufacturing Industry
Samantha Wieczorek, UW-Stout, student

C. Changing Wage Rates Among Employed Men and Women in the United States
Brandon Magliocco, UW-Eau Claire, student

D. Does Age Ease Endowment Effects?
Aaron Konichek, WU-Stevens Point, student

E. The Economic Effects of Global GM Crop Production on American Farmers
Cory Gunderson, UW-Stout, student

Session 12 - Immigration
The Effect of Arizona's Immigration Enforcement Laws on Housing
Prices and Rent

Christopher Fletcher, UW-Milwaukee, graduate student