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Professional Internship (ECON 498)

Several financial institutions, government agencies, business firms and UW-Eau Claire faculty members have joined with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to provide UW-Eau Claire students majoring in Economics with an unique opportunity to examine, participate in and learn from their operations and activities. They provide on-site supervision of interns. As part of this semester-long internship the student/intern is expected to participate in activities and/or research/study projects that advance the long-term goals of the organization or individual providing the internship.

If interested, Career Services also has a website that has information about Internships, both local and elsewhere within the United States and abroad.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for an Econ Internship?

Students selected for the program are usually seniors majoring in Economics who are interested in a career in banking, financial institution management, and/or policy analysis and administration in government or business. To be selected for the internship, students must complete an application available from Professor Thomas Kemp, Economic Internship Director (SSS 475), or Zoe Honor, Academic Department Associate (SSS 476).

How do I get credit for an internship?
Students in this program typically register for ECON 498 (Professional Internship) and earn 3 hours of academic credit. Since the internship is a learning and not a work experience, monetary compensation is almost never involved. Ideally, student interns should plan their class schedule to have blocks of time available to work at the internship site. Participants are expected to keep a regular work schedule and to dress in the fashion of the regular employees in order to blend into the work environment at the sponsoring institution. Economics majors can satisfy their capstone requirement with these internships. Some internships can also satisfy a service learning requirement.

What are the requirements for Internships?
Although specific requirements vary by internship, in general there are three requirements for interns:

  1. A journal of activities will be completed daily or weekly during your internship.
  2. Interns must submit a term paper.
  3. A copy of the project or projects that you complete for your employer will be turned in to Terry Wells.If you do a presentation for your internship of your project, please let Terry Wells know when and where so that she can plan to attend.
What are the benefits from an Internship?

"Showcasing" your abilities and accomplishments in order to enhance your employability upon graduation from UW-Eau Claire is a major goal of this internship program. Many of the students who have participated in this internship program have secured post-graduation employment in banking or other areas related to their internship experience. Many participants develop off-campus references for use when they seek post-graduation professional employment. One internship sponsor has nicely summarized the mutual benefits of such internships.

"In our continuing commitment of service to the community, we find the internship program a very gratifying and worthwhile contribution." "I feel this type of program benefits both the bank and the student participants. The bank gains through the challenge presented to each supervisor in presenting the responsibilities and importance of their department, answering student questions, and from the participants' honest and open feedback and suggestions of our system. The students, in turn, gain through an experience not available in any textbook or classroom. We look to the future in hopes that more businesses open their doors to this type of education and experience."

Academic interns usually work on campus in research, feasibility studies, and/or special Freshman Year Experience (FYE) courses with a senior faculty or staff member. Feel free to approach these people now if you would like to pursue a special activity, goal, or project of mutual interest.

Some Sponsoring Agencies in the past have included:

  • Citizens Community Bank
  • City of Chippewa Falls - Main Street
  • City of Eau Claire
  • Eau Claire Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation
  • XCEL Energy
  • U.S. Bank
  • United Way
  • Western Dairyland Community Action Agency

Remarks from former students who have done internships
"I would have to say this internship experience has been just as beneficial as going to school and getting a degree. It gave me a starting point that will lead me into my career either as a banker, or something related to banking. It was by no means easy, which was what I was looking for. I figured if this is what I think I might be doing for the rest of my working life, I might as well get a good dose of what it's really like. From the beginning to the end, I've learned more about the banking industry, my education, and about myself."