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Student Research 2013

(NCUR) National Council on Undergraduate Research Conference at UW Lacrosse, April 11-13, 2013,

(P) Provost's Honors Symposium, May 1-2, 2013,

(CERCA), W-Eau Claire Celebration of Excellence in Research and Creative Activity, May 1-2, 2013,

Student: Laurelyn Wieseman (Dr. Avin)    
Title: Maria Elena Cuadra, Globalization and Women's Empowerment in Nicaragua Presenting at CERCA

Dr. Avin and Laurelyn Wieseman in Nicaragua Maria Elena Cuadra Dr. Avin and Laurelyn Wieseman at M.E.C.

Students: Tiffany Christner, Mitchell Fischer, Stephen Fisher, Lydia Harrer, Lainee Hoffman, Laurelyn Wieseman (Dr. Jamelske)
     Title: Comparing Children's Self-Reported Fruit and Vegetable Behavioral Intent
to Observed Fruit and Vegetable Consumption for Snack and Dinner in an Afterschool Program
     Title: Observing Fruit and Vegetable Choices Made by Children for Snack and Dinner in an Afterschool Program: Exploring the Influence of Health Messages, Incentives, Encouragement and Praise
     Presenting at NCUR, CERCA, P

Students: Mahmoud Ahmed, Elora Leene, Emy Marier, Wesley Meives, Daniel Putman (Dr. Jamelske)
Title: Results from a Survey of Middle and High School Students Regarding Climate Change Awareness and Understanding
     Presenting at NCUR, CERCA, P

Students: Sam Falls, Sarah Fisher, James Markert, Tony Navara (Dr. Jamelske, Dr. Middlesworth)
     Title: The Great Recession in California and Nevada: Comparing Employment Effects in Two Neighboring Western States
     Title: The Great Recession in Wisconsin and Minnesota: Comparing Employment Effects in Two Neighboring Midwestern States 
     Presenting at CERCA

Students: Caleb Butera, Oyunsuren Enkhbat, Ryan Halliday, Jacob Raleigh and Jeremy Schmitt (Dr. Jamelske, Dr. Middlesworth)
Comparing Stock Market Performance: Tracking the Dogs of the Dow
Versus the Eau Claire Basket
     Presenting at CERCA

Students: Emily Anderson and Ben Possi (Dr. Middlesworth, Dr. Weichelt)
     Title: Collusion or Illusion: A Tri-State Analysis of Gas Prices
     Presenting at CERCA

Student: Eric Englebert (Dr. Li)
     Title: Private Money and the Central Banking
     Presenting at CERCA and P

Student:  Mitchel Fischer (Dr. Runst)
     Title: Crisis and Belief 
     Presenting at CERCA

Students: Mitchell Fischer and Daniel Putman (Dr. Runst)
     Title: Risk Preferences vs Cultural Risk Cognition
     Presenting at CERCA

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