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Prof. Jamelske takes 3 Students to China during Fall 2013 to conduct climate change research for International Fellows Project

Prof. Jamelske takes 3 Students to China during Fall 2013 to conduct climate change research for International Fellows Project

This project is designed to elicit a better understanding of climate change public opinion. What do people think about climate change and maybe even a little about why they think as they do. In particular, we are interested in comparing climate change public opinion across the diverse populations in the two largest carbon emitting countries in the world; China and the United States.

If there is to be meaningful global action taken to address climate change through international cooperation, it will be essential for both China and the United States to be involved. Thus far, this does not seem to be close to happening. Despite the very different social and political cultures in these two countries public opinion on this issue will undoubtedly play a role in how climate change policy and action unfolds in both countries and internationally. Thus, a better understanding of how the United States and Chinese publics view climate change is of great interest.

This study builds on earlier work we have done examining climate change public opinion among college students in China and the United States based on surveys conducted in 2011. We have just published a paper from this work titled, Comparing Climate Change Awareness, Perceptions and Beliefs of College Students in the United States and China in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences which I can make available to you if you want to learn more about our work.

For our current work we plan to expand our investigation to explore climate change public opinion among adult citizens in both countries in addition to continuing to survey both Chinese and American college students. We expect this work to yield very interesting and important data contributing to the existing climate change public opinion literature.

I will be taking a sabbatical during the 2013-14 academic year to serve as the principal investigator on this research project. In the fall 2013 I will take four UW-Eau Claire students to China visiting four cities (Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xian) to partner with Chinese professors and students to obtain our Chinese sample of college student and adult survey respondents. Our goal is to get about 500 completed surveys from each group in all four Chinese cities resulting in a total sample of 2,000 college students and another 2,000 adults in China.

At the same time we are in China we will also be collecting matching data sets of about the same size from US college students and adults from several sites including Wisconsin, California, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Colorado and South Carolina.

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We will also be writing a blog and posting about our experiences in China….you can follow us at the following link: