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Chippewa Valley Center for Economic Research and Development


It is inevitable when there is an election or when the general public is asked their opinion regarding the most important issue of the day, the answer always seems to be, IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID! This fact highlights the importance of having access to basic economic data and information describing the performance of the economy. That is, business, government and community organizations as well as the general public all have an interest in knowing how the economy is doing.

The CVCERD Economic Indicators Project collects and maintains a variety of local, regional and state economic data. These data have been organized into a database that can be used for local/regional economic research.

These data are available for download from our website making the CVCERD a one-stop-shop for this type of economic data. The CVCERD also prepares a monthly report featuring these data showing the monthly and annual changes and trends in economic conditions.

The CVCERD also prepares several other reports through the year that may be of interest to various stakeholders in the community.

Additionally, the CVCERD has collaborated with Volume One Magazine as they have compiled a Chippewa Valley Report Card designed to describe and assign a ranking to a variety of economic and social indicators. Click here for more details on the Volume One Chippewa Valley Report Card.

If you have a further interest in this project, for example, access to data or a more detailed economic analysis, please contact Professor Eric Jamelske at 715-836-3254 or by email at

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