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Chippewa Valley Center for Economic Research and Development

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Archived Reports & Analysis 1999 - 2010


Monthly Reports: 2010 Calendar Year

February 2010 (pdf)
March 2010 (pdf)

April 2010 (pdf)
May 2010 (pdf)
June 2010 (pdf)
July 2010 (pdf)
August 2010 (pdf)
September 2010 (pdf)
October 2010 (pdf)
November 2010 (pdf)
December 2010 (pdf)
January 2011 (pdf)

Other Reports/Presentations 2010

An Overview of the Great Recession in the Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin and the US (pdf)

Monthly Reports: 2009 Calendar Year

February 2009 (pdf)
March 2009 (pdf)
April 2009 (pdf)
May 2009 (pdf)
June 2009 (pdf)
July 2009 (pdf)
August 2009 (pdf)
September 2009 (pdf)
October 2009 (pdf)
November 2009 (pdf)
December 2009 (pdf)
January 2010 (pdf)

Other Reports/Presentations 2009

Comparing Employment Effects Across Recessionary Periods for the US, Wisconsin & the Chippewa Valley: 1976 – 2009 (pdf)

An Examination of Housing Prices, Mortgage Foreclosures and Residential Building
Permits in the United States, Wisconsin & the Chippewa Valley

Exploring Oil Shocks and Gasoline Prices in the United States, Wisconsin &
the Eau Claire Metropolitan Statistical Area

Cash For Clunkers: What is it & What Happened? (pdf)

Monthly Reports: 2008 Calendar Year

February 2008 (pdf)
March 2008 (pdf)
April 2008 (pdf)
May 2008 (pdf)
June 2008 (pdf)
July 2008 (pdf)
August 2008 (pdf)
September 2008 (pdf)
October 2008 (pdf)
November 2008 (pdf)
December 2008 (pdf)
January 2009 (pdf)

Other Reports/Presentations 2008

Regional Employment and Unemployment Comparison (pdf)

Local Home Construction and Home Sales Description (pdf)

Economic Indicators Analysis: Income, Foreclosures and Sales Tax (pdf)

An Examination of Trends in Foreclosures, Sales Tax Revenue and Personal Income in West Central Wisconsin (ppt)

Monthly Reports: 2007 Calendar Year

February 2007 (pdf)
(may contain some errors)
March 2007 (pdf)
(may contain some errors)
April 2007 (pdf)
(may contain some errors)
May 2007 (pdf)
(may contain some errors)
June 2007 (pdf)
(may contain some errors)
July 2007 is missing
August 2007 (pdf)
September 2007(pdf)
October 2007 (pdf)
November and December 2007 are missing
January 2008 (pdf)

Monthly Reports: 2006 Calendar Year

February 2006 (pdf)
March 2006 (pdf)
April 2006 (pdf)
May 2006 (pdf)
June 2006 (pdf)
July 2006 (pdf)
August 2006 (pdf)
September 2006 (pdf)
October 2006 (pdf)
November 2006 (pdf)
December 2006 (pdf)
January 2007 (pdf)

Other Reports/Presentations 2006

An Analysis of Manpower's Quarterly Employment Outlook Survey (pdf)
Economic Snapshots (pdf)

A Profile of Visitors to the 2006 Northern Wisconsin State Fair Chippewa Falls,

Monthly Reports: 2005 Calendar Year

February 2005 (pdf)
March 2005 (pdf)
April 2005 (pdf)
May 2005 (pdf)
June 2005 (pdf)
July 2005 (pdf)
August 2005 (pdf)
September 2005 (pdf)
October 2005 (pdf)
November 2005 (pdf)
December 2005 (pdf)
January 2006 (pdf)

Other Reports/Presentations 2005

United States, Wisconsin, and Eau Claire 2005 (pdf)

Monthly Reports: 2004 Calendar Year

June 2004 (pdf)
July 2004 (pdf)
August 2004(pdf)
September 2004 (pdf)
October 2004 (pdf)
November 2004(pdf)
December 2004 (pdf)
January 2005 (pdf)

Other Reports/Presentations 2004

United States, Wisconsin, and Eau Claire 2004 (pdf)

Other Reports/Presentations 2003

The Chippewa Valley Economy -- Recent Regional Trends (pdf)

Other Reports/Presentations 1999

The Chippewa Valley Economy: Regional per capita income and recent trends (pdf)



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