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Below are the policies related to UWEC Intensive English Program students.  Failure to follow these policies will result in dismissal from the program, reporting to the sponsoring organization, and termination of immigration documents.  This requires the student to leave the United States immediately. Students who are dismissed for violation of these policies will not receive any refund.

Program Payment Policy

If the student's bill is not paid in full by the end of orientation, the student will not be permitted to register for classes.  If a student does not register for classes the student's program will be canceled and he/she will have to leave the United States immediately.

Attendance Policy

Students are required to attend all courses.  These include 20 clock hours of instruction per week, and any mandatory tutoring sessions.  Attendance will be taken in all classes and tutoring sessions.  Students must be in class at the time attendance is taken or the student will be marked absent.  If a student is not in the classroom when attendance is taken, or is asked to leave class any time during class due to misbehavior, it will be considered an absence for the day.

1.Students are allowed four (4) total absences in each class per semester.  Any absence for any reason will count towards the four absences.  There are no excused absences.  It is the student's responsiblility to notify his/her instructor of an absence and to make up any work for that class.

2.After two absences, the student will meet with the ESL Instructor to discuss the circumstances of the absences.  The ESL Instructor will offer appropriate help or suggestions (Counseling Services, Health Center, etc.).

3.After the third absence, the student will meet with the ESL Academic Advisor.  The ESL Academic Advisor will create an Individual Progress Plan which both will sign.

4. After the fourth absence, the ESL Instructor will notify the DSO/IEP Coordinator.  Depending on when during the semester the fourth absence occurs will determine the action taken.

  • If the fourth absence happens before the eighth week of classes, the student will be on probation.  If an additional absence occurs, the student will be suspended from the IEP at the eighth week of classes.
  • If the fourth absence happens after the eighth week of classes, the student will be on probation. If an additional absence occurs, the student will be suspended from the IEP at the end of the semester.

Academic Standing Policy

Good Academic Standing
To be in good academic standing in the Intensive English Program the student must receive an 80% overall average or better in all ESL classes.  The average of ESL classes weighted based on the number of credits per/course.  Courses with more credits count more toward the average then courses with fewer credits.

Academic Warning/Probation/Dismissal
Students who are not in good academic standing will receive an academic warning after the 8th week in the semester.  If the student's overall ESL course average does not improve to above 80% by the end of the semester the student will be put on academic probation.  If the student's overall ESL course average does not improve to 80% or better after completing the second semester, the student will be suspended and ineligible to continue.  In any semester, if a student receives below 63% in all classes, the student will be suspended and is ineligible to continue.  After completing a one semester suspension, the student may reapply to the program.

Semesters in IEP


Academic Standing

½ (8 weeks)

Below 80%  (C average)

Academic warning

1 (16 weeks)

Below 80% (C average)



Below 80% (C average)

Ineligible to continue /suspension


Below 80% (C average)

Ineligible to continue /suspension


Below 80% (C average)

Ineligible to continue /suspension

Any semester

Below 63% in all courses (D average)

Ineligible to continue /suspension

A student may appeal a suspension to an IEP appeals committee. The committee will consist of one representative from the ESL department, one representative from the Center for International Education, and one representative from outside the ESL or CIE departments. If the appeal is accepted the student will be allowed to continue classes but on probation.  If the appeal is denied, the student will be dismissed from the program.

Promotion and Matriculation Policy

  • Placement decisions are made at the beginning of a student's first semester, based on the student's performance on the ESL placement test. Students will be given an overall level rating (either 200 or 300 level) and placed into courses at that level.
  • Promotion decisions are made at the end of each semester based on a student's performance in their coursework.  Students must earn at least 80% overall on average across all their classes to be promoted.
  • Matriculation: No student may be recommended for matriculation into the University unless they have successfully completed the 300 level of our program.
  • Auditing classes at UW-EC: Exchange students who have reached the 300 level may be allowed to audit 1 academic class at UW-EC. Degree and dual-degree seekers may not audit classes at UW-EC while still enrolled in the IEP.

The ESL coordinator documents the placement decisions at the beginning of the first semester, and compiles the grades and creates the promotion decisions for the following semesters, and creates the recommendation letter for matriculation for all students.

Behavior Policy

Non-Academic Misconduct
An agreement on classroom behavior will be created and signed by all students in all ESL classes. Common things each class will agree on include: being on time for class, coming prepared for class, not using cell phones for non-class purposes, taking turns and being respectful of classmates and instructors, following directions, and using English only in the classroom. If students misbehave, they will be warned, and then the instructor will ask them to leave class and will mark them absent for the day.

Academic Misconduct
Academic misconduct (including copying other students’ work or plagiarizing or submitting others’ work as your own) in any course as a serious offense in the US. All students will receive instruction on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. The ESL program will follow the UW-EC Blugold Code academic misconduct policies. The ESL coordinator will also be brought in to witness the case and will keep a record of the case in the student’s file for the future.
Where academic misconduct is determined to have happened the following sanctions are possible under the Blugold Code:

  1. An oral reprimand
  2. A written reprimand presented only to the student
  3. An assignment to repeat the work, to be graded on its merits
  4. A lower or failing grade on the particular assignment or test
  5. A lower grade in the course
  6. A failing grade in the course
  7. Removal of the student from the course in progress
  8. A written reprimand to be included in the student’s disciplinary file

Final Exam Policy

Students are required to attend all final exams.  Final exams will be administered only at the scheduled time.  No exceptions will be made.  It is the student's responsibility to determine the place and time of the exam.