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UW - Eau Claire's English as a Second Lanugage (ESL) classes are geared for learners who want to improve their academic English. Many students plan to enroll in a degree program either at UW - Eau Claire or other U.S. academic institutions.

Classes average less than 15 learners, so learners receive the personal attention they need for maximum progress in learning English. Learners will use the language, not just study about the language. Language skills are interwoven, so that listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are part of every course.  Typical activities include: role plays, debates, simulations, presentations, lectures/note-taking, kinesthetic activities, complex language tasks (e.g., ranking, values clarification, conducting surveys, etc), seminar-style discussions, language analysis, research, email correspondence, reflective journaling, interviews, etc.  


Testing and Placement

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