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ESL Course Descriptions

All of the ESL courses listed below are not offered every semester. Please look at Blugold CampS semester schedule or contact the coordinator for an accurate list for the coming semester ( Students take a placement test to identify where they place, and then typically enroll in 4-5 classes in one semester, mainly at the same level (100, 200 or 300).

100 level - Beginning
ESL 101: Integrated English Language Skills I
ESL 125: Cross-Cultural Talk
ESL 135: Focus on Reading and Writing
ESL 140: Beginning Pronunciation
ESL 150: Exploring Regional History and Culture
ESL 191: Special Topics Learning to Learn I

200 Level - Intermediate
ESL 201: Integrated English Language Skills II
ESL 205: Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing
ESL 215: Pronunciation of American English
ESL 260: Oral Presentation Skills
ESL 275: Global Current Events Through News Media
ESL 285: Advanced Listening and Note-taking Skills
ESL 291: Special Topics - Learning to Learn II

300 Level - Advanced
ESL 301: Integrated English Language Skills III
ESL 305: Advanced Academic Writing
ESL 310: Multicultural Literature

ESL 315: Advanced Pronunciation
ESL 320: Business English
ESL 360: U.S. Culture and Institutions
ESL 391: Special Topics - Learning to Learn II


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