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Faculty & Staff


Rose Battalio

Interim Department Chair
Office: Centennial Hall 3723


 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, B.S. (1981)
 University of Utah, M.Ed. (1989)
 University of Utah, Ph.D. (2000)

 Work Experience:
 1979-1981: Eau Claire Academy
 1981-1992: Self-Contained - ED
 1992-1994: Resource (LD, ED, CD)
 1994-1995: Assistant Principal
 1995-1998: District Support Person
 1998-1999: University Clinical Supervisor
 1999-2000: District Support Person

 Instructional Interests:
 Behavior management, transition and career development, classroom interactions

 Program Responsibilities:
 Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities Program

 Professional Affiliations & Offices Held:
 Utah Federation of CEC - Newsletter Editor
 TED (1999-2000) - Student Representative on National Board

 Research & Service Interests:
 Social skills training, functional behavior assessment, and inclusion for students with emotional disturbance in the school environment. Gender issues as  they relate to behaviors, particularly in secondary settings.

 Hobbies & Personal Interests:
 Hiking, biking, cooking, reading, and skiing.