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316/17 Portfolio Information


A requirement from the Wisconsin DPI for the Reading Teacher certification and the Reading Specialist certification is that you have an approved portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge in five areas of literacy education. A table containing the competencies you need to demonstrate for each certification has been developed based upon the 5 Standards for Reading Professionals provided by the International Reading Association (click here to go to table).

A breakdown of the competencies by license area will be provided to you early in your program so that you can begin to build your portfolio as you take courses. This set of competencies has been through a pilot phase and is still in a formative stage. You will add an introduction to each standard that explains how the artifacts you include demonstrate your ability to meet the standard with regard to your knowledge and the application of that knowledge when working with students. More specific information about the section introduction will also be provided in courses or by your advisor.

Those students working toward the MST-Reading degree are encouraged to choose the portfolio exit option. Information about additional items needed in the portfolio to meet the requirement for the master's degree will be discussed in courses for the 317 license and can be provided by your advisor.