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Professional Instructional Library
Media Specialist - 902

School library media specialists may not renew their licenses as Initial Professional Instructional Library Media Specialists (902 license). Within five years after their initial licensure, they must have completed a master's degree or the equivalent in an approved program. To obtain the institutional endoresement, they must complete the approved coursework listed below.

The Department of Education Studies offers the following sequence leading to licensure as a Professional Instructional Library Media Specialist (902).

1. All of the following courses are required:

  • LMED 608: Computer Mediated Communication and Information Retrieval in Educational Settings, 3 crs.
  • LMED 650: Computers in Libraries and Media, 3 crs
  • ES 734 Current Trends and Issues in Curriculum 1-12, 3 crs.
  • LMED 760: Advanced Production of Instructional Media, 3 crs.
  • LMED 770: Administration of District Media Programs, 3 crs.

2. A student must be eligible for 902 initial licensure before undertaking coursework to meet the requirements for 902 professional licensure. Coursework to qualify for 902 professional licensure must be completed after the baccalaureate degree.

3. Completion requires the preparation and defense of a professional portfolio.

4. Completion of a master's degree (or equivalent).