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Initial Instructional Library Media Specialist

Wisconsin state law requires that school library media specialists in the state be eligible for teaching licenses and that they qualify for state certification as Initial Instructional Library Media Specialists (902). The Department of Education Studies at UW-Eau Claire offers a sequence of courses leading to a teaching minor and eligibility for 902 licensure. This sequence includes a minimum of 24 credits of coursework plus field experience.

1. All of the following courses are required:

  • LMED 305/505 (F, Sp): Children's Literature, 3 crs.
  • LMED 306/506 (F, Sp): Literature for Adolescents and Adults, 3 crs.
  • LMED 310/510 (F): Developing Media Collections, 3 crs.
  • LMED 312/512 (F): Reference and Bibliography, 3 crs.
  • LMED 316/516 (Sp): Organizing Media, 3 crs.
  • LMED 432/632 (Sp): Administering School Media Programs, 3 crs.
  • EDMT 382/582 (Sp): Producing Instructional Media, 3 crs.

2. At least 3 credits of coursework related to library science and media education are also required.

Examples of appropriate courses include, EDMT 474 Computers in Education: Instructional Design and Development; ENGL 142 Introduction to Literature of the American Indian; and JOUR 244 Introduction to Photography. See the current catalogue for a complete list of electives.

3. Field experience is required at both the elementary and secondary level. A minimum of 6 credits of coursework is to be selected from the following:

  • LMED 461: Field Experience: Elementary Media Center, 3 crs.
  • LMED 462: Field Experience: Secondary Media Center, 3 crs.
  • LMED 466: Internship: Elementary Media Center, 3 crs.
  • LMED 467: Internship: Secondary Media Center, 3 crs.