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Library Science & Media Education

Janet Amann

The Library Science Program

The Library Science program at UW-Eau Claire educates students to be leaders in library and information services and the use of educational media technology. UW-Eau Claire develops competent, confident, and creative professionals who enjoy the information and media technology field and can instill this value in others. More specifically, the program:

  • Educates students to be leaders in library information and media technology services
  • Prepares students for information age technology
  • Prepares students in the application, politics, and rhetoric of information technology and media
  • Prepares students to be active participants and leaders in the teaching and learning process
  • Fosters an enjoyment of learning, research, and exploration in the library information and media technology field

What will a Library Science Minor do for me?   

While the emphasis of the Library Science program is on preparing students for beginning positions in school library media centers or other libraries, competencies developed through successful completion of the program will:

  • Be useful in obtaining selected positions in academic, specialized, and public libraries and media centers
  • Develop research skills that will be useful to you in any field you major in at both the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Establish a foundation for graduate work in the field of Library and Information and Media Technology
  • Provide a basis for ongoing mastery of information resources and media technologies
  • Provide K-12 teachers with an understanding of the role of libraries and media centers in the curriculum of the school

Requirements for the library science minor or Library Media Specialist license

The courses you will take provide you with practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of the field of librarianship. You will be asked to take a number of required courses but an array of elective courses are also offered to provide you with a balance in the curriculum. The latest edition of the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire catalog will provide you with a list and description of the required and elective courses available in the Library Science Program.


Licensure & Certification

Coursework for the library science liberal arts minor satisfies many of the requirements for Public Librarian Certification. Additional information is available at the DPI website Public Librarian Certification Overview.

Courses in the Library Science and Media Technology curriculum provide approved programs that will satisfy requirements for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WI DPI) 902 Instructional Library Media Specialist License (with Stipulations) and the (WI DPI) 902 Instructional Library Media Specialist License (Professional). The initial level of the 902 license requires the successful completion of 24 semester hours of coursework, a professional experience, and completion of an approved teacher preparation program. The (WI DPI) 902 Instructional Library Media Specialist license at the Professional level requires completion of 30 hours of graduate coursework, or completion of a Master’s Degree from an approved program.

UW Consortium (UWSSLEC)

UW-Eau Claire is also one of the home campuses for the University of Wisconsin System School Library Education Consortium (UWSSLEC). Through the Consortium, students can take on-line coursework at the graduate level for the 902 Initial and 902 Professional licenses leading to initial and advanced certification as a school library media specialist. The program is primarily targeted at classroom teachers and other school professionals who live 50 miles or more from campus and who are interested in becoming school library media specialists.

For more information about certification and licensure programs or UWSSLEC, contact Dr. Janet Amann at 715.836.5790 or via email: