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Application to MCEA Program

Information and Forms – Gate 1

Application Due Date for Spring 2016:  Tuesday March 1st, 2016 at NOON

Application Deadlines

Application materials must be submitted to Department of Education Studies by noon on 
October 1st or March 1st. The deadline for submission on these dates will be noon. If these dates fall on a weekend, then the application deadline will be set on the preceding Friday before October 1st or March 1st.

Required Forms

Students are responsible for downloading the necessary forms for the application process. The following forms are required:

  • Application Cover Form - Appendix B from MCEA handbook
  • My Planner printout from CampS
  • Current Degree Audit PDF printed no more than one week prior to application
  • Print out of test scores from CampS
  • Standards Application Narratives-2 copies of each

Directions for preparing the application materials are located in the MCEA handbook.

Students’ names should appear on the file folder and the required forms, but not on the narratives.  All identifying information must be removed from the lesson plan including the applicant's name, student names, school, and cooperating teacher's name.

NOTE: Application decisions will be emailed approximately 2-3 weeks following the application deadline.

Students who are overseas during the semester in which they apply should prepare their application materials in advance and make arrangements for submitting them to the Education Studies office by the date and time specified.


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