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About Us  

Purposes and Goals 

The Department of Education Studies prepares teachers for elementary, middle level, and high school classrooms through several programs. Through a series of courses and experiences emphasizing reflection, decision-making, and collaborative leadership, students develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for effective teaching. Students also acquire skill in (1) planning and using various teaching methods and resources, (2) creating and maintaining a positive learning environment, and (3) evaluating learning and instruction. The Department of Education Studies also provides leadership, vision, and service for the core elements of all teacher education and library science programs. Core professional studies which are common to all programs include field experiences; the social, cultural, historical, legal, and philosophical foundations of education; pedagogy for diverse learners; instructional, informational, and media technology; educational research; assessment; and leadership studies. At the completion of a program, students are ready to assume responsibilities for classroom teaching and are prepared to continue developing as a professional.

Degrees Awarded

The following majors lead to the Bachelor of Arts Degree: Art, Economics, English, French, German, History, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Social Studies, Sociology, Spanish, and Theatre Arts. The following majors lead to the Bachelor of Science Degree: Biology, Chemistry, Elementary/Middle Level Education, Geography, Geology, Kinesiology (Physical Education), Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics, and Physics-Mathematics. All majors in Music lead to the Bachelor of Music Education.