Chancellor's Diversity Advisory Commission 

The commission is appointed by the Chancellor, comprised of faculty, staff, and students; and two community members of the Eau Claire Area.

The Chair to the commission is Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action, Teresa O'Halloran.

The commission has constructed a Diversity Statement.

The commission members are as follows:

Dennis Beale Education Studies
Linda Carlson Languages
Aram deKoven Education Studies
Jesse Dixon Multicultural Affairs
Demetrius Evans Student
David Jones English
Christopher Jorgenson Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Andrew Karsten Student
Kia Lee Admissions
Laura Manydeeds Human Resources
Faith Matheka Student
Marcus Mc Ellistrem Material Science
Erin Murphy Student
Deborah Newman Housing & Residence Life
Tarique Niazi Sociology
Teresa O'Halloran Affirmative Action
Jodi Simek International Education
Paul Soulier Student
Jodi Thesing-Ritter Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Vicky Thomas Services for Students w/ Disabilities
Benjamin Thompson Isaac Student
Jefford Vahlbusch Honors/Languages
Diane Walkoff News Bureau