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Employee Schedules  

Week of August 23 - 29:

Schedules look different this week as we're working with a new payroll/time clock system. MAKE SURE you check each schedule to see when/where you're scheduled to work. Also, Catering special needs signup will be available this week for the weekend of August 30 - September 1.


NOTE: The following unit numbers will tell you where you need to report for your shift:

  • If the schedule says, "LENT TO: 84956001" report to Riverview Cafe
  • If the schedule says, "LENT TO: 84956004" report to Davies Center Retail
  • If the schedule says, "LENT TO: 84956010" report to Davies Center for Catering

*Please be sure to check all schedules as you will be held responsible for all shifts you're scheduled, no matter which area. Online schedules will be posted each week by the end of business on Wednesday.

To view schedules you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
Download a FREE copy at the Adobe website here:
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