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50 / 50 Meal Plan

This plan is available to residents of Chancellors Hall and The Priory, and off-campus students, faculty and staff. Campus residents may also use the 50 / 50 Meal Plan to supplement a traditional meal plan.

50 50 Meal Plan

50 / 50 MEAL PLAN

Cost = $425


Purchase online or by visiting Blugold Card Services. Please allow a full business day
for processing if you are purchasing online.

>  $50 in meal plan dollars
>  50 block meals
>  Unused block meals and 50/50 meal plan dollars do not expire until your
    relationship with the university ends


Meal plan dollars can be used at every campus dining location. Additional meal plan dollar deposits can be made at any time through eAccounts, at Blugold Card Services or at value transfer stations.


A block meal is a predefined combo meal at select dining locations. These meals are noted at each retail location with a red "B". A block meal can also be used at Riverview Café. Additional block meals can be purchased at Blugold Card Services any time, in blocks of 20 for $150. Unused block meals do not expire until your relationship with the University ends.