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Meal Plans  








Please do not assume that you will be given the same meal plan for the spring semester as you had for the fall. Much like the process for fall signup, campus residents who did not select a meal plan for spring semester online by January 12 have been assigned the Upper Campus Meal Plan. 

A fee assessment was run on January 13, which will reflect your online meal plan selection — either the plan you selected online or the default plan (Upper Campus Meal Plan) — and will appear on your first tuition bill. If you wish to change your meal plan between January 13 and January 23, you must visit Blugold Card Services in person to make the request which will go into effect on or before January 24.

Absolutely no meal plan changes will take place after January 23.



If you are living on campus, you must choose a meal plan each semester. Everyone who resides in a residence hall other than Chancellors Hall or The Priory must have a meal plan. You may choose any of the four available meal plans regardless of where you live on campus. If you do not select a meal plan by the signup deadline, you will be assigned the Upper Campus Meal Plan. Meal plans cannot be changed after the signup deadline.


Choose your meal plan online during the signup period. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Housing & Residence Life signup site
  • Log in using your current student username and password
  • Click ASSIGNMENTS on left panel, then MEAL PLANS
  • Click on your current meal plan selection (everyone has a meal plan, either by choice or default)
  • Click on the PLAN TYPE drop-down menu and select the meal plan you would like
  • Read the disclaimer in red and click CONTINUE if you agree with the conditions of changing meal plans
  • Click OK, then OK

If you have have difficulties signing up for a meal plan, or if you have questions regarding the billing process, visit Blugold Card Services in Davies Center's east lobby or call 715-836-4070. 

Blugold Dining can answer your questions about the specific meal plans and which plan is right for you. If you ever experience a transaction error when using your meal plan, contact Blugold Dining, 715-836-5261, to have the transaction error corrected.


You may change your selection at any time throughout the online signup period. The online signup deadline for the Spring 2014 Meal Plan is Sunday, January 12, 2014. After the online signup deadline, you may change your meal plan selection only in person at Blugold Card Services from January 13–23, 2014. No changes will be made over the phone. Changes made during this period will not take effect until January 24, 2014. No Spring 2014 Meal Plan changes are possible after January 23.




The Diners Club and 50/50 meal plans are available at any time to residents of Chancellors Hall and The Priory, and off-campus students, faculty and staff.  Those who would like a traditional meal plan must visit Blugold Card Services in person since online signup is not available.

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The meal plan participant agrees to pay the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire the fees established by the Regents of the University of Wisconsin or by its agent. The University reserves the right to change the established rates should costs related to providing those services increase more than was anticipated at the time the rates were originally established.

By requesting that meal charges be charged to their UW-Eau Claire Student Accounts, meal plan participants agree to accept the conditions of the partial payment plan. The meal plan participant thereby applies for installment credit, and agrees to pay the downpayment and installments when due. This agreement is executed in compliance with the Wisconsin Consumer Act.

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