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Riverview Cafe: Hilltop Center

Managers: Marvin JohnsonDebbie Allen & Paula Stytz
Supervisors: Eric Crotty & Cynthia Majewski
Phone: 836-2186


About Riverview Cafe

Often referred to by students as "the caf", Riverview Cafe is one of our extremely popular dining destinations. Open daily, the cafeteria offers an all-you-care-to-eat meal for breakfast, lunch (brunch on the weekends) and dinner. The east side features a grill, a homestyle favorites line, a salad bar, two soups, a vegan and vegetarian bar, desserts and fountain drinks, while the west side has a deli with six bread options and two soups, a Mexican station, a create-your-own pasta toss and a pizza bar. Because of this, the cafeteria offers the most purchasing power to meal plan participants.

Students with All Access Meal Plans can access the cafeteria as often as they wish. Meal Plan Dollar Account purchases receive a significant price break.

Riverview Cafe welcomes all UW-Eau Claire, students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public to dine with us.

Large and small student and community groups visiting UW-Eau Claire are welcome to dine in any of our areas. Please call us at 715-836-5261 in advance of your visit so that we can be ready for your group.





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