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Bring concerns to the attention of one of the full-time or student managers in each Blugold Dining unit. Get to know the managers at each dining area, and let them know when things are going right or wrong.

Fill out a Blugold Dining comment card and put it in the box provided in select food service units. These evaluations are reviewed daily by Blugold Dining management staff and responses are written and placed on the bulletin board near the comment box.

Bring persistent or ongoing problems to meetings of the Blugold Dining Committee.

Complete a Blugold Dining customer satisfaction survey each semester. The results are distributed to and discussed with the Blugold Dining Committee and Blugold Dining management staff to directly improve service the following semester. These evaluations are used to determine whether the contractor is meeting the standard of the contract, or whether any unit under the responsibility of the contractor should be removed due to unsatisfactory quality of food and service.

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Do you have any comments or suggestions for us? We want to hear them.
Please use our Blugold Dining Feedback Form to send your comments anonymously to us. Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!

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