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Stand Up to Alcohol Abuse

Stand Up to Risky Alcohol Use

Risky Alcohol Use

Alcohol impairs judgment, making for some risky situations. If you or your friends use alcohol, make sure to look out for one another. Be on the watch for signs that trouble is brewing and help get your friend out of the situation. If a friend's alcohol or marijuana use is negatively affecting them or others, make a plan to share your concern. These situations can be challenging; StandUP! will give you skills to handle them effectively.

Also, know the signs of alcohol poisoning - confusion, vomiting, slow breathing, clammy skin, and/or passing out. Call 911 immediately if someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms - you could save a life!

In college, you may encounter situations where alcohol use is present. Be an active bystander by watching those around you. If you see something suspicious happen, break up the situation with a casual conversation, taking the alcohol away, or getting individuals removed from the situation. The video below demonstrates how these small steps can make a huge difference.

Stand up
Who Will You Be? (The Ohio State University)

Stand up
Stages of Drinking (SnG Comedy)

You might find yourself intervening as an active bystander when alcohol is present. Aclohol situations vary based on the atmosphere, so preparing for different situations is important. The resource below offers five different scenarios that involve alcohol use. The scenarios include steps that you can take if you find yourself in these situations.

Looking Out for Your Friends (Stanford University)