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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the attendance policy?

Instructors maintain student attendance records. A student should communicate directly with the instructor any time they are absent. Instructors have discretion regarding requests for absences that do  not fall under one of the approved six categories. Authorized absences include: (1) participation in an approved field trip listed in the catalogue as a requirement for a course in which the student is enrolled; or (2) participation in an authorized extra-curricular activity on the regularly approved calendar of university events [such absences are reported by the Dean to each Department at least 48 hours in advance of the trip or event]; or (3) Labor Day employment; or (4) active military service; or (5) accommodation of students' religious beliefs [see Accommodation of student's religious beliefs policy]; or (6) illness, injury, or emergency of such severity as to prevent the student from being able to attend class.

In the case of severe illness, injury, or emergency, instructors should be kept apprised of the situation through direct communication with the student and/or via the Dean of Students Office which will assist students and communicate with instructors as needed.

When absences are authorized, instructors are obligated to work with students to determine the best way for students to resume participation in the class without a penalty. If the absences are lengthy, the student, instructor, College Dean, and Dean of Students Office should work together to determine if it will be possible for the student to successfully complete the course.

How can I get an absence excused?

For all absences, the student is responsible for contacting instructors individually or through their department. If a student will be absent for illness, medical reasons, or exceptional personal reasons for more than one week, the Dean of Students Office may be notified. Students may be required to provide verifiable documentation regarding the reason for the absences. Arrangements for make-up work, make-up exams, or possible assignment adjustments are the responsibility of the student.

If you have questions regarding authorized absences, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (715) 836-5626.

What are your hours?

Office Hours are Monday-Friday 7:45am – 4:30pm

During the Semester only

Wednesday Evening Hours:4:30pm – 7:00pm

Walk-in Hours: 1:00pm – 3:00pm Monday – Friday

How do I make an appointment with a Dean?

To make an appointment with one of the Deans in our office, please call 715-836-5626.

How do I withdraw from all of my classes?  (Click on link for more information)

How do I drop one or more (but not all) of my classes?

Dropping full semester classes during the first two weeks of a regular semester has no effect upon your record, since these dropped courses are not recorded on your transcript. After the second week, however, a dropped class will result in a grade of "W," (see Withdrawing from Classes) and this remains the case up until the eleventh week of classes. After the beginning of the eleventh week, no withdrawals from courses, i.e., "drops," are permitted, except in extenuating circumstances as determined by the Dean of the college/School in which the student is enrolled. These deadline dates are shown on the student class schedule within MyBlugold CampS and can be found be selecting the "Deadlines" calendar link.

Although a "W" has no negative impact on your cumulative GPA., you should recognize that a course in which you receive a "W" counts as an attempt for repeat policy and financial aid purposes.

Special students enrolled in only one course, who wish to drop that course, are considered to be withdrawing from the University - see Withdrawal from the University - Dropping all Classes.

Dropping classes after the second week of a class requires a Change of Registration form with the appropriate approvals. Withdrawal from one or more classes after the deadline requires the signature of the Associate Dean of the student's college.

How can I take a semester off?

Students may request leave of absence for up to two consecutive semesters (in documented instances of military obligation, this two semester limit may be extended).

A student on a leave of absence does not have to apply for readmission; however, if the student is suspended or stays out of school for a period longer than the approved leave, he or she must apply for readmission. Students must submit a request for a leave online using the link below. A student requesting a leave from the BSN Completion Program or Marshfield Site Nursing Program must consult with their advisor. A Special Education Non Candidate for Degree student must consult with the Chair of the Special Education Department. A student enrolled in the Bachelor of Professional Studies program must consult with their advisor.

Important Requirements:

Students who do not attend UW-Eau Claire for one or two consecutive semesters must complete the Academic Leave form.

1.Graduate and special students are not eligible for leave.

2.You may not attend classes at any institution while on an Academic Leave unless you are on an International, BSN Completion Program, Marshfield Site Nursing Program, or Non Candidate for Degree leave. If in one of these programs, you must submit transcripts of the institution you attended, before returning to UW-Eau Claire.

3.If you are suspended for academic reasons, the leave is automatically canceled and the student must apply for readmission.

4.Keep in mind that when you return to UW-Eau Claire, you may need to complete a new financial aid application. More information is located in the application for leave, and students are strongly encouraged to meet with Financial Aid.

5.If you desire University housing at UW-Eau Claire upon return, you must make arrangements with the Housing and Residence Life Office.

6.If you are enrolled at UW-Eau Claire for the semester you are taking leave, you must cancel your classes before the beginning of the semester.

7.If after your leave is approved you desire changes, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 715-836-5992.

The following application for leave must be completed online:

Application for Leave of Absence

**Note: Students do not need to complete a leave of absence for Winterim and Summer sessions.

Where do I go to sign up for the Civil Rights Pilgrimage?

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students have the opportunity to spend their winter or spring break on a Civil Rights Pilgrimage to the South, visiting sites of historic importance to the U.S. civil rights movement.

The trips will include stops at the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta; the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama; the Civil Rights Memorial and the Rosa Parks Museum and Library in Montgomery, Alabama; the National Voting Rights Museum and other sites in Selma, Alabama; New Orleans, Louisiana; Central High School and William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas; and the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.

The trip also will include a stop in New Orleans, with a visit to the famous Preservation Hall, home of New Orleans jazz. While in Selma, students will participate in a service project to serve the community where the march to Montgomery began in order to fight for voting rights for African Americans. Students may also chose to register for Women's Studies 222 or to participate in a faculty/student research project conducted by student trip coordinators. Registration forms must be completed before permission is given for course registration.

For more information, visit:

Where can I find more information on National Student Exchange?

Approximately 3,500 students nationwide will study at new institutions this year! They will be participating at nearly 200 universities in 49 states, the Virgin Islands, Guam, Canada, and Puerto Rico through the National Student Exchange Program (NSE).

This program offers opportunities to experience a different academic environment while maintaining progress toward academic goals, expanding academic options, clarifying personal and professional goals, seeing the United States and experiencing its diversity of cultures, values and lifestyles.

Visit our website for more information:

Where can I find more information on Honors Month and the Honors Banquet?

April is Honors Month, a time set aside by the University to celebrate scholarship, academic excellence, research and service-learning. We showcase the efforts of and recognize students for outstanding scholastic achievement. On the final Saturday night of Honors Month, a banquet is held to honor students and their families and cap a month of induction ceremonies, service events, seminars and topical discussions, awards programs and student learning activities.

Jodi Thesing-Ritter, Associate Dean of Students in the Dean of Students Office, is the coordinator of Honors Month and Diane Bilderback serves as assistant coordinator. A steering committee comprised of volunteer members from the sponsoring local, national and international interdisciplinary, departmental and professional honor societies makes plans for Honors Month and the Blugold Honors Banquet. Updated information will be posted in March.

Contact Jodi Thesing-Ritter or Diane Bilderback at 715-836-2325 or email