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D2L Request Form Options 

Semester of Delivery

  • Development Courses: Development courses are used by instructiors to test the possibilities and to become comfortable with D2L. You may build your course components in a development course and then copy all or some of the components to your regular course(s) when available. View the Copy Components instructions.


Others in Course*

  • Co-Instructor: If you are co-teaching a course with one or more instructors who are not listed as instructors on the official class roster, these individuals can be added to your D2L course as a co-instructor.
  • Academic Assistant: If you have an Academic Assistant for your course, s/he can be added to the online component of the course. The Academic Assistant role gives access to all D2L course tools including grades, similar to that of the instructor role. The Academic Assistant 2 role allows identical access to that of the Academic Assistant role, but excludes access to grades.
  • Guest: If you plan to have a guest speaker or another outsider join your course and that person needs minimal access to course materials, s/he can be added to the D2L Course as a guest. Guest access is limited to the Course Home page and the Content page.
  • Generic Student: Generic students are pseudo-students that provide you access to your course from the student perspective. This can be especially helpful the first time you are working with D2L and want to test the flow through the course. A separate username and password will be assigned for your generic student identity. Your generic student identity must be enrolled in your D2L course(s) in order to view your course(s) from the student perspective.


Students have a right to expect privacy in their courses -- classroom, Web-based, or Web-enhanced. If you are allowing others into your course, we recommend that an announcement be made to the students BEFORE anyone other than the students or the designated instructor has access to the course.